AMC Security vs Avira Antivirus App your perfect security app on Window 10

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In this article we shall be looking at AMC Security vs Avira Antivirus and how you can run any of this mobile application on your Window or Mac operating system.

AMC Security Application

Your phone is largely secured with the help of a free AMC Security Application. You might ask what is AMC Security Application is all about?

AMC Security, Also known as Advanced Mobile Care, is a must-have application that provides total security for your phone wherever you found yourself.

App Name: AMC Security – Clean & Boost & Antivirus
Date First Released26 Nov 2012
Download Size: 14.19 MB
Developer: IObit Mobile Security
Compatible with:Android, iOS, Windows (PC, laptop, tablet, Xbox)
Permission :Storage, others
Features: SSL 10,000,000+ downloads

Apart from securing your phone from Internet frauds or intruders trying to get a highly confidential information from your phone, AMC Security also helps to clean hidden and unwanted files in order to enhance the performance of your Android or Tablet devices.

Features of AMC Security Application

Battery Saver:
Do you have a battery-draining phone? Then AMC Security must be on your phone because of its ability to prolong your battery’s lifespan via its ‘battery saver’ feature.

To enjoy this wonderful and breathtaking feature, you must ensure that your device is actively on a Night mode using the AMC Security application.
Phone Cleaner:
This is another feature that confirms AMC Security application’s superiority to other security-enhancing software. This feature is classified into three categories, which are: One-tap Smart Cleaner (scan) ; Deep cleaner( scan); And Notification Cleaner.

  1. One-tap Smart cleaner (Scan) : This is a feature that gives you the opportunity to clean all kinds of junk files from your phone memory in few seconds, all you need to do is click on the ‘smart scan button.’ Private records, unused APK files and running apps are also wiped off from your phone to create more space and also boost your phone’s RAM (memory).
  2. Deep Cleaner ( Scan) : With this feature, you can delete big unwanted files, obsolete files and thumbnails without going through any stress.
  3. Notification Cleaner: Some notifications can be annoying, but with AMC security app, you can control the types of notifications you receive on your phone.

Performance-boosting Features:
This feature helps your phone to maintain high-quality performance as it fights all undetected and unhealthy files or virus slowing down its efficiency level.

DownloadAMC Security, ” from Google store here is the download link

Having wiped off junk and dangerous files out of your phone system with AMC security app, you will surely experience an upgrade in the performance of your android device due to an increased RAM.

Other features of this wonderful apps include the following:

  • Game Booster: The ability to boost your gaming speed without lagging.
  • App Manager: This feature allows you to clean and uninstall less important apps or APK files from your android devices.
  • Privacy Locker: This feature provides you with a chance to lock private and important photos, videos, and messages using a password known to you alone.

Other Important Information About AMC Security

Over 10 million Android users have downloaded this wonderful application via Google Play Store or IOS App Store.

Size = 9.9MCurrent Version = 5.10.4, and it’s compatible with Android device ranging from version 4.0.3 and above.


Avira Antivirus

App Name: Avira Antivirus Security 2019-Antivirus & AppLock
Date First Released27 Feb 2012
Download Size:13.92 MB
Compatible with:Android, iOS, Windows (PC, laptop, tablet, Xbox)
Permission :Storage, others
Features:SSL 10,000,000+ Download

With the rise of existential threats to information technology systems the World over, even up to mobile devices which are on the rise, the need for threat deterrent apps which can scan, detect and eliminate threats both potential and actual exists more than ever.

Avira antivirus fulfils not only basic security needs but also the needs which are more complicated.
From threat detection to the more common viruses and malicious files, Avira does it all.

Internet user’s privacy and security on a global scale has been threatened due to the increasingly interconnected nature we have today.
Avira antivirus in one of those Apps that helps to keep threats in check.

DownloadAvira Antivirus App, ” from Google store here is the download link

Usability and design

The avira app has one of the best user interfaces out there in terms of simplicity. Behind this seeming simplicity lies an intuitive engine which offers the best in heuristic techniques.

The usability is one of the best in the industry as there exist many antivirus programs but Avira beats the majority of them due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

Features and functionality

  • -Virus scanner and cleaner which is the basic function of the app.
  • -Device location and tracking which allows for the recovery of stolen and lost devices.
  • -Privacy advisory which offers analysis of apps and gives accurate and up-to-date data on data use and exposure.
  • -Light anti-virus protection, it doesn’t take up much use of the RAM and the physical resources of the device in question.
  • -Camera and microphone protection which prevents unauthorized access to devices.
  • -App lock which locks the most sensitive apps and prevents unauthorized access.
  • -The existence of anti-ransomware which has been a big problem affecting mobile devices of late.


The app offers some of the best flexibility though the operations which the app undertakes are some of the most complex ever programmed.
In terms of security the app and it ease of use makes it a personal favorite for millions of users all over the World.


As on of the top performing antivirus and security apps in the World, Avira performs above optimal expectations and does the work required with some extras.
The light touch approach makes it lightweight and yet effective in dealing with threats.

The App is very smart. It deals with the threats using some of the best algorithms ever programmed.
The app connects to a threat database which is one of the most updated in the world as regards threats and viruses.

The app also has an identity guard which checks for attacks on the contact list of the device.
The app has a constant fix for any bugs which may emerge as regards use of it.

Missing Features
Other Comments

The updates are constant which shows the companies commitment to improving quality.
Four and a half stars.
The app is one of the best apps on the playstore when it comes to security and its related issues. Avira is one of the hallmarks of security and protection when it comes to devices. Users can trust and use this app due to the mere fact that the app maker has been around for quite a bit.


Step By Step On How You Can Install AMC Security or Avira Antivirus On Windows For Free

Wanting to get a powerful mobile antivirus running on your Window 10 device or any other operating system? Here comes the guide that you must not miss.

We had like you to kindly download and launch Nox app player.

Just like In the image below, you need to click on play store icon

Next simply sign in, this should be with your username and password.

If you don’t have a Gmail account, create one.

Finally search for AMC Security or Avira Antivirus app to download


Having a solid antivirus on your system will help shield you from malicious attempts to infiltrate your system with virus.

Apart from Malware Protection you can still go as far as locking your apps thus preventing them from unauthorised access and also keeping your browser history hidden entirely.

To get the best  from any apps it’s best you upgrade to the premium version although being on the free version will still serve your purpose. Like the Avira Antivirus Security 2019-Antivirus & AppLock has an In-app purchase that will cost you as low as $4 although you can pay this fee based on your currency and exchange.