AOS TV APK 18.0.5 Latest Version 18.6.9 Download Free 2020 Android, Firestick

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AOS TV APK  Latest Version Download Free 2020 Android, Firestick

If you’ve searched far and wide for the perfect android live stream TV that; grants you access diverse channels across the globe to watch, requires no subscription etc. then, you are in the right place. The Aos TV makes the list of the best IPTV android application.

With this app on your phone and connection to stable internet, you have got yourself a global eye. In other words, this app features more than 1000 television channels from across the globe. Hence, it gives you “a global eye”. Now, these 1000+ television channels cut across diverse genres ranging from news, to entertainment, movies, sports, religion, football, cricket etc.

giving you an incredible experience of a life time. Although it has been said to have been developed specifically for the Asian population, it accommodates channels from all over the world. In other words, regardless of where you are in the world, the AOS TV app grants you access to catch up on your favorite TV shows for free.

Because the channels on this app seem like they are a lot, you might start wondering how to find the channel you wish to watch at any given time. Well, so as to quickly unite you with the channel you wish to watch, the developers have done well to categorize the channels by country and by genre, that is, News, entertainment etc.

As regards compatibility issues, the app is compatible with android devices. To mention a few, they include; Android TV Box, Android Smartphone, Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA SHIELD etc. you can also download and use the AOD TV app on your PC. However, this process requires you to download an android emulator.

Nox app emulator and blue stacks are few examples of good android emulators you can download. The process to this is not rocket science. Once you successfully install the android emulator on your PC, proceed to search and install the AOS TV apk on the emulator. So that you don’t leave this page thinking that the app is flimsy, here are some of the features that makes up the app. Sit tight and have your mind blown away.

Screenshot of AOS Tv APK


Features of AOS TV APK

  • DIVERSITY IN TELEVISION CHANNELS: let me guess, you thought the fact that this TV has more than 1000 channels is just an exaggeration? Well, sorry to disappoint cause it is not. What makes it so interesting is the fact that the channels are diverse. It covers every channel you know and do not know exist from the basic free form, Nickelodeon, WB movies, HBO, Disney, Zee world to many channels across the globe. The only thing you are going to need is access to stable internet because you have to stream these televisions live. This might prove impossible if your network connection is poor. In general, if you are looking for a go to station to watch the trending shows in any country, AOS TV has got you covered. Just make sure you are well equipped for the experience language wise. This is because as much as AOS TV features television channels from the countries we know and love like the UK, US, India, Asia etc. it also features television channels from countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. The developers of AOS TV certainly did not come here to play. Obviously, the developers are pretty big on diversity.
  • CATEGORIZATION: One interesting feature you would find on this live stream TV app is that it does not lack organization. This is an important feature that a channel really deep in the diversity game should have and AOS TV does it so well. Once you log into the app, you don’t just find the channels from different countries interwoven into each other in a disorderly manner. Instead, these diverse channels have been carefully grouped by genres the channels from a country arranged orderly. Some of the genres you would find on the app include; Sports, News, Entertainment, Cartoons, Movies, Religion etc. explore the wonders of the world from the comfort of your home on your phone. Also, you can filter the kind of channel peculiar to a genre that you would like to watch.
  • SIZE: Another super power that this app has is its incredibly small size. Because it features that many television channels and it is a live stream app, one can be quick to conclude that it would probably swallow a lot of space on your device. Well, again, sorry to disappoint but the AOS TV is small in size. It sucks in a lot of television channels into its 11 – 14mb size range (depending on the version you download). Unlike other apps, it stays on your phone without necessarily consuming a lot of space.
  • COMPATIBILITY: This app is compatible with quite a lot of devices and platform. Except you want the app on your PC, you can use the app on any device.
  • UI: The user interface of this app is user-friendly. You can navigate through this app with the same level of ease you would operate your traditional home television with. The only difference is that you do not require a remote to control the app as your device is enough. Most importantly, it is secure.

Download AOS apk here


Unlike Netflix or other platforms you can watch shows on; this TV isn’t on google play. However, there is a high possibility that you are not at risk of downloading a malware attacked apk. This is because the developers have a standard website where you can download and update the app from which is Nevertheless, it is still advisable to screen every app with an effective anti-virus before proceeding to install them. After successfully downloading it, proceed to install through the following steps.

  • Step one: Allow your device install apps from unknown sources.
  • Step two: Once you allow your device install apps from unknown sources, open the apk and tap the “install” button and wait for your device to install the app
  • Step three: log into the app and select the language you want to watch the live Tv in. viola! Stream your favorite channel for free.

How to install AOS TV APK with pictorial illustrations

  1. Go to settings on your phone to enable Unknown Sources

  2. Go to your device download manager and click on the apk file

  3. Now click on install

  4. As you can see the application will start installing

  5. This app is now ready to launch

In conclusion, nobody likes missing out on the trending shows, news etc. and be left to feed on the highlights after the real show is over. The AOS TV helps you witness all the live action, keeping you updated on pop culture anytime and everywhere.