Picket Vs Wardencam Applications your choice

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Picket Vs Wardencam Applications your choice:

Securing your home is no longer a demanding task to accomplish, thanks to the upgrade to science and technology which has brought about new and diverse security-related softwares that work with almost all smartphones.


There are many security enhancing applications created for the purpose of ensuring that lives and properties are highly secured. These applications include Wardencam

, Picket, Alfred Cam among others.

It is important you know that all of the listed applications are classified as home surveillance applications that provides topnotch security for your home and surroundings.

Picket vs Wardencam Applications

Let’s take out time to discuss these apps we just mentioned above.

Picket app

App Name: Smart Home Surveillance Picket – reuse old phones
Date First Released16 Nov 2014
Download Size:29.54 MB
Developer:WardenCam360 – Home Security, Video Monitoring
Compatible with:Android, iOS, Windows (PC, laptop, tablet, Xbox)
Permission :Storage, others
Category:Video Players & Editors
Download:100,000+ Download

Smart Home Surveillance Picket app, a must have on your windows 10:

As said earlier, Picket is a surveillance application that provides you with the best method or opportunity to monitor events happening within your room and compound as a whole.

DownloadSmart Home Surveillance Picket – reuse old phones” from Google store here is the download link

Feature of smart home Surveillance Picket app :

Here are some of the incredible features of smart home Surveillance Picket app that we have observed:

  • MONITOR LIVE 24/7: if you have two devices, all you have to do is to make use of one of these devices as a camera by installing smart home Surveillance Picket app on it while placing the phone in your home or any place you want to carry out surveillance from.
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  • As long as this device is on and connected to Internet it will take record of every single object that crosses its camera and report back to you live.
  • MOTION DETECTION: with its motion detection breathtaking technology you don’t have to keep watching your camera all the time while leaving your day to day activities unattended to. Keep in mind that you can also upload your recorded video to cloud.
  • RECEIVE ALERT: You can get timely alerts immediately something unusual is sported.

How Does Picket Work?

With two smartphones, you can make use of this application to provide quality security for your home as long as both smartphones are perfectly connected via Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G network.


The first smartphone will serve as camera which will record or capture everything happening around your home. The second smartphone gives you the best template to watch or view everything recorded by the first phone.


However, you will need to download Picket app — via Google Play store or IOS app store — to both phones and create an account on the two applications using the same Google account.

Having done that, place the first phone, which serves as camera, in a very sensitive place around your compound. Then the second phone will be with you on daily basis for you to view all that’s happening in your compound.

Wardencam app

Wardencam vs Alfred cam security apps

Just like Picket application, Wardencam ensures maximum security for your house as it provides you with an opportunity to control every movements surrounding your home and compound.


DownloadHome Security Camera WardenCam – reuse old phones” from Google store here is the download link

App Name: Home Security Camera WardenCam – reuse old phones
Date First Released28 Jun 2013
Download Size:28.95 MB
Developer:WardenCam360 – Home Security, Video Monitoring
Compatible with:Android, iOS, Windows (PC, laptop, tablet, Xbox)
Permission :Storage, others
Category:House & Home
Downloads:5,000,000+ Download

Features of WardenCam

  • WardenCam can work flawlessly with any of your network connectivity ; be it WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE.
  • You will love this app because of its Motion detection & alerts feature.
  • You get the same opportunities to upload your content on cloud storage.
  • If you have several places you want to carry out surveillance from this app is the best.
  • It’s free of charge.
  • You can enable it so as to share with your friends and family.

How Does Wardencam Work?

Wardencam has the same configuration with Picket app; hence, there’s no need re-writing the process. You only need to apply the same configuration/installation procedure that you used for Picket app.

Similarities Between Wardencam and Picket

  • Two smartphones ( either Android or Tablet) are required by both apps.
  • They both depend on Internet connection to function well.
  • Both applications enhance the security of your home.
  • Live streaming is supported by both apps.

Why You Should Have One Or Both Apps In Your Home

Topnotch Security is Guaranteed:With either Picket or Wardencam, you can be rest assured that your house is secured from intruders.

Instant Alert:If there’s any suspicious movement, both applications will immediately alert you via email or mobile number.




Step By Step On How You Can Install Picket or Wardencam On Windows For Free

For those who like to have their system playing Picket or Wardencam On their system need to follow this very simply process we put down in pictorial illustration:

We had like you to kindly download and launch Nox app player.

Just like In the image below, you need to click on play store icon

Next simply sign in, this should be with your username and password.
If you don’t have a Gmail account, create one.

Finally search for Picket or Wardencam app to download


This both apps we have just reviewed above are just similar and have almost same features. They both rely on old phones that aren’t in use again to capture movement in and around your property.

Your android device should be running Gingerbread version 2.3 or greater and must have a steady Internet connection for you to achieve your aim.

Although this apps are free, there is still premium versions available that will give you the best experience in terms of security and customer support. Don’t be scared your subscription is just once and won’t be on monthly basis.