Smart Home Surveillance Picket app review: Apk for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

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Smart Home Surveillance Picket app, a must have on your windows 10:

The Security of lives and properties should be your priority and you shouldn’t compromise it with anything on earth.

Interestingly, securing your house doesn’t really need you to be available at all time, thanks to the introduction of home surveillance cameras.

In case you’re financially incapable to get sophisticated CCTV camera, there’s is another affordable and easy way to secure your home via surveillance cameras.

Smart Home Surveillance Picket app, a must have on your windows 10:


The best and cheapest way to provide top quality security for your home is by downloading Picket application on your smartphone either tablet or Android.

With Picket application, you can monitor/ watch everything happening in your compound even when you’re far away from your building.

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How Does Picket Work?

  • Picket application doesn’t require new smartphone, but you must ensure that your phone camera is sharp and clear enough to reveal everything going on in your home.
  • Back to the question, this application must be downloaded on two smartphones or alternatively on your windows 10 operating system. One will function as camera that will capture everything happening within your environment and it will be placed in very sensitive location in your room.
  • The second smartphone will be deployed as a device that gives you the chance to view what the other phone is capturing. This second phone will be with you at all time in order to keep close watch on the things transpiring within the house.
  • Create a Picket account on both phones, using the same Google account and password. Once that’s completed, login to both accounts and the two phones are automatically connected via Wi-Fi/3G or 4G network.

Why Picket Application is the Best Home Surveillance Camera for You

Distance is No Barrier

Picket gives you the chance to monitor your home irrespective of the distance existing between you and your compound.

This is because of its ability to function from a long distance as long as there’s an awesome Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network.

It Enhance Cloud Storage: Should there be any case for you to save some captured or recorded footages, you can save it automatically or directly on Google Drive or Dropbox.

With this feature, you don’t have any reason to doubt if many recorded footages will be lost or misplaced.

Motion Detection : This application is developed with some features which enhance its ability to call your attention to any suspicious movement in your compound.

It Enhances Playback Option:You can decide to re-watch every bit of recorded video or footage via the application’s playback option or enhancement with the help of cloud storage system.

Other Important Information About Picket Application

DownloadSmart Home Surveillance Picket – reuse old phones, ” from Google store here is the download link

Latest Version :

Version 2.6 is Picket’latest version, and you can download it from Google Play Store or IOS app store depending on your phone type.

Compatible Phone :

Picket app can comfortably work on Tablets windows and Android phones. The version of your phone and the application’s version also play an important role in this. Over 10,000 Android users have downloaded the latest version of the application.