Wifi Hacker Ultimate APK Download for Android

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Wifi Hacker Ultimate App

Have you been in a desperate situation whereby you need to browse the internet but you are out of data? Or have you ever been in the midst of people who keep browsing via their encrypted or secure wi-fi network but you couldn’t hack it?

If yes, you must know how it pains to take a break from your social media account because of insufficient data despite being around your friends who have active data plans but their Wi-Fi network is securely protected with a strong password.

Luckily, that’s not going to happen to you anymore because there is an app that will reveal your friend’s wifi password and other wifi-related information that will enhance your chances of hacking his or her browsing network. The application is known as Wifi Hacker Ultimate.

Download Wifi Hacker Ultimate APK

What Is All About the App

Just as mentioned earlier, this application is known for its potential to detect available Wi-Fi networks around you. It equally has all it takes to unveil the (fake) security password protecting the network.

With this app, you have a very high chance of enjoying free browsing as you could connect to your friends’ service provider on two conditions (which will be revealed later in the article).

How Does It Work?

We have come up with a step-by-step guide on how to use the Wifi Hacker Ultimate, in case you are wondering how to make the perfect use of the app. The guidelines are discussed extensively below:

1. Download and Install Latest Version of The App: This is obviously the first procedure. You must download the app on your smartphone before other steps can be taken. Though we found out that the software is not on Google Play Store, you can download the latest version of wifi hacker ultimate app here

2. Install And Launch The App Having downloaded the software, it’s compulsory you ensure that it is properly configured or installed. You can run or launch the newly installed software on your device for effective use.

3. Select The Wifi You Want To Hack The WiFi hacker ultimate application will display a list of available wifi networks around you. As this point, you’re expected to click on the one you which to hack.

4. Password Generation As soon as you click on the wifi network of your choice, this awesome app will show you the signal strength and name of the wifi service. It will also show you the level of security protecting the Wi-Fi network. Finally, the app will generate a fake password which isn’t a trusted or an authentic password.

Importance(Pros) of The Application

1. It Helps You To Manage All WiFi-related Issues On Your Phone Apart from creating or revealing other people’s Wi-Fi information, this application gives you the opportunity to control everything that has to do with the Wi-Fi network on your phone. It protects your Wi-Fi network from an external intruder as it tells you if your password is strong or not.

2. It Helps You switch From One Wifi To Another without Any Problem In case you eventually gain access to many Wi-Fi connections and you want to switch from one to another, this app can carry out that assignment without any difficulty.


* It is only for Fun: This app can’t hack a wifi network, it is just a prank application that will only reveal Wi-Fi information. It will generate fake passwords which aren’t effective enough to hack wifi networks. Meanwhile, The two conditions that guarantee your chances of enjoying free wifi connection are: To download a real hacking app or your friends reveal their real wifi password.

* Installation Could Be Stressful: It is believed that installing this app could be very stressful and difficult as you need to download it through a third-party website since it’s not on the Google Play Store or IOS app store.

*It Isn’t 100% Save: The fact that you’re downloading it from an untrusted site, makes it very unsafe. Though many downloading sites are free from malware or viruses, you can’t predict which one is safe or harmful.


This is to remind you that the wifi hacker ultimate is just a prank app created for fun. It’s not an authentic hacking application, so don’t be disappointed if it fails to provide you with the right password.