BuMP Music Player app Apk for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

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BuMP Music Player app review: benefits and features

BuMP Music Player is a fantastic bubble music player developed to provide music lovers with a great experience always. BuMP Music Player provides its users with all the flexibility that they need.

Download BuMP Music Player

BuMP Music Player is fully optimized to serve as the ultimate replacement for music widget.

Features BuMP Music Player

  • Music Player: BuMP Music Player features a top-notch music player which helps to afford all music lovers an opportunity to listen to their favorite music or track at anytime.
  • Playlists: Users of BuMP Music Player can add their favorite songs to their playlists or library and play them automatically.
  • Gesture Feature: Smart gestures can be used on the BuMP Music Player. Functions such as fast-forwarding of the music player can all be done with just a gesture.
  • Search: With highly optimized integrated filters, users of BuMP Music Player can easily search for a song or track in the library and have the result in real-time.

Why BuMP Music Player Should Be Downloaded

  • Totally Free: BuMP Music Player is a totally free mobile application. It can be downloaded from any of the popular app stores for free, installed for free, and contains no in-app purchases.
  • Lightweight: BuMP Music Player is extremely lightweight as its file size is less than 3 MB. This ensures that BuMP Music Player features a low memory consumption and do not slow down devices.
  • Supports Spotify: BuMP Music Player supports high-quality streaming on Spotify. For this reason, users have unlimited access to the latest songs, tracks, and beats available.
  • Supports Local Music: Local music can all be imported into BuMP Music Player and played as well.
  • Great Design: BuMP Music Player features a really friendly design. The hues, brightness, menu, and screen resolution are all designed to appeal to users and increase their user experience.
  • Ad-free: BuMP Music Player is ad-free. The application is fully optimized to prevent pop-up ads.
  • Notification: Users of BuMP Music Player are afforded an opportunity to enable notifications on the application. This gives users timely alerts and relevant information.
  • Internet Access: BuMP Music Player allows users to connect to the internet through WiFi or mobile connection.
  • Flexibility: Users of BuMP Music Player can use the application without any form of interruption. BuMP Music Player fully supports pop-up player.