KK AppLock App for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

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KK AppLock App for PC – Windows 7/8/10 and Mac, Vista,Laptop– Free Download

KK AppLock is a mobile application designed to solely and effectively function as a privacy protection tool. With KK AppLock, everyone is afforded a rare opportunity to secure their privacy and safety.

KK AppLock features numerous functions that make it possible for users to protect their privacy for as long as they wish. Altogether, KK AppLock is the ideal application for anyone seeking to protect their privacy at all times.

Features of KK AppLock


  • Lock Apps: KK AppLock features a lock app function which allows users to lock as many apps as possible on their smartphone. On this ground, users of KK AppLock can conveniently protect their privacy from nosy friends and other people who may have access to their device. Apps which can be locked using KK AppLock is not restricted to only social apps such Facebook and Whatsapp, but also pre-installed applications.
  • Lock Privacy: Strictly for privacy purpose, users of KK AppLock can lock their smartphone gallery, file manager, and even contacts. This ensures that users of the enjoy all aspect of privacy protection.
  • Lock Settings: KK AppLock users are offered unlimited access to lock their settings. On this ground, users of the application can prevent their children or third parties from messing up their phone settings and purchasing unwanted apps.
  • Secure Calls: Users of KK AppLock can secure their calls. This they can do easily and conveniently by locking both incoming and outgoing calls. Users of KK AppLock can also lock their entire screen if they so wish.
  • Install/Uninstall: KK AppLock can be used to prevent the installation and uninstallation of any application on a smartphone.
  • Auto Tasker: KK AppLock fully features an auto tasker. This feature allows users to both lock and unlock any application automatically based on Wi-Fi, time, or date.


Why KK AppLock Should Be Downloaded


  • Free: KK AppLock is totally free for all. It can be downloaded, installed on any device and used for free. The application also features no in-app purchase.
  • No Ads: KK AppLock has been designed to be ads free. This is to ensure users have a great experience using the apps and are not interrupted at intervals.
  • Multi-lock: KK AppLock fully features a multi-lock function. For this reason, users of KK AppLock can lock various apps with different passwords.
  • Lightweight: KK AppLock file size is less than 2 MB. For this reason, KK AppLock does not affect the performance of devices negatively. It instead runs smoothly on any device it is downloaded on.
  • Multiple Re-lock Policies: KK AppLock offers all of its users numerous re-lock policies to suit their needs and taste. Users can time locking and unlocking period or set it to a suitable lock option.
  • Regular Updates: KK AppLock is updated regularly by developers.

How to download and install via Nox app player

We had like you to kindly download and launch Nox app player.

Just like In the image below, you need to click on play store icon

Next simply sign in, this should be with your username and password. If you don’t have a Gmail account, create one.

Finally search for the app