Download Game Guardian Apk for Android 2020

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GameGuardian App
As an online gamer, it is your desire to win every contest against the computer or other human competitors. Unfortunately, that seems very unlikely as you’re bound to lose some, win some and maybe draw some (like we have in chess or checker games).

Nonetheless, there is a way to enhance your chances of winning almost all of your challenges against your online competitors in any game you play. This method is as simple as installing GameGuardian on your device.

What Is GameGuardian?

GameGuardian is an application that helps you hack all the games on your mobile device or other electronic devices (including laptops) which will eventually increase your chances of winning all your contests.

This app will provide you with all the cheats and codes you need to hack or alter most aspects of the mobile games you have on your smartphone, thereby forcing them to act in your favour.

Once you successfully apply GameGuardian cheats on any game you play, you can increase the level of your lives (especially if it’s an action game), add more money to your account if there’s a need to buy new weapon or car (as in car racing games).

Features of The GameGuardian App

Features, as used in this context, means the different segments that make up the app. You should explore these segments perfectly in order to experience countless and wonderful functions of the software. The features include:

1. Speed Hack: With this feature, you can either increase or decrease the pace of the game you have hacked. This feature is equally tagged ‘acceleration and deceleration’ by some app developers.

2. Search For Encrypted And Unknown Values: This feature of the app helps in searching for some hidden values of the game you just hacked. Once you click on this feature, GameGuardian will reveal some encrypted and unknown details about the game you’re playing.

3. Search For Explicit Number Values: This feature shares almost the same function with the (number two) feature above. The only difference is that this feature is restricted to finding figures.

4. Modify Game’s Timing: This feature helps you to change the game’s timing to your advantage.


1. It is compatible with all Smartphone(s) : Unlike some contemporary apps that aren’t compatible with all devices, the GameGuardian software functions perfectly on all Android devices. So, you can be rest assured that it is compatible with your Android device.

2. It Functions Perfectly on PC Emulators: It is equally compatibility with PC as there is a special version of the game for all PC emulators, including Andy, Koplayer, Droid4x, BlueStacks and Nox.

3. It Has User-friendly And Alterable Interface: The game’s interface is very simple and easy to use. In fact, you can customize its interface and give it a unique appearance that suits your style.

4. It Supports 50 Languages: You have the privilege to choose the language of your choice while running the app. This is a result of the presence of 50 languages to choose from.


* Your phone must be rooted before the app can modify any game. Hence, only a few people can utilize the app because a larger population of phone users can’t root their smartphone(s).

* Constant modification could damage your games.

Step-by-step Guide On How TO Use The Application

Download Game Guardian Apk

You’re expected to follow the below procedures if you want to hack or modify your games using the GameGuardian application:

1. Download The App On Your Device: Though the app is currently not on Google Play Store, you can still download and install GameGuardian on your device via the developer’s official page. Click Here to download

2. Launch It After Installation: You are required to launch the software as soon as you are done installing it.

3. Choose The Game You want To Hack: Having launched the app, it will display a list of games available on your phone. You are expected to click on the one you want to hack.

4. Modify or Hack The Game Using the App’s Aforementioned Features: This is the last, but arguably the most important step. You are to click on GameGuardian’s feature to search for the game’s features that can be hacked.

For example, you can click on GameGuardian’s speed hack feature to see if you can modify the speed of the chosen game. If the game’s speed can be hacked, then, you will click on modify and choose whether you want to increase or decrease its pace. The same should be done to other features. Meanwhile, you can visit here for more guidelines on how to utilize the Game Guardian application.