Fouad GBWhatsApp APK version 8.12 Download 2020

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Fouad GBWhatsApp APK 8.12 Download Latest Version Free

If you have searched far and wide for the perfect WhatsApp mod that suites your personality, permit us to delight you in the wonders of Fouad GB WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that has no doubt captured the heart of people across the globe. However, it seem to lack some fun features like themes etc. As a result, tons of developers have gone on to create modified versions of the app some of which are hits, while others are miss.

Thus, while comparing the WhatsApp mods with the Official WhatsApp account, one cannot help but feel as though the official WhatsApp did well to box users where as these mods gives users the chance to explore.

One of such WhatsApp mod is the Fouad GB WhatsApp. This WhatsApp mod is a hit considering the incredible features it was made with. Developed by Fouad Mokdad, the Fouad GB WhatsApp was created to meet the artistic needs of their customers. In other words, just like the official GB WhatsApp that’s the best WhatsApp mod, you can apply already existing themes or creates one that suites you.

It is important to note that this GB WhatsApp by Found is differs from the official GB WhatsApp that you and I know. In fact, this mod was created to help users and lovers of WhatsApp mod manage a third WhatsApp account on the same device.

This works when you have the Fouad WhatsApp and the FM WhatsApp on your device. Now let’s talk about Fouad’s inspiration for creating this Mod version. Well, it is easy to think that he was inspired by the official GB WhatsApp because they share similar names. However, Fouad drew inspiration from the WhatsApp mod version created by Yousef Al Basha known as Yo WhatsApp. It is quite easy to tell because most of the features in this WhatsApp Mod is uniquely present in Yo WhatsApp.

Here are some of the features of Fouad GB WhatsApp.

Fouad GB WhatsApp

Features Fouad GB WhatsApp.

  • 3 ACCOUNTS: Great news for WhatsApp business owners. You do not have to turn your person account into a business account just to maintain an online presence for your business. Fouad, with his version of GB WhatsApp has made sure that you can manage 3 accounts on the same mobile phone. However, there is a small price to pay. You just need to download FM WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp to make this happen.
  • THEMES: Customize your WhatsApp account with your preferred themes as long as you use the Fouad WhatsApp. You get access to as many themes that exist and can download them for free as long as you have data or access to Wi-Fi. Treat your WhatsApp account to a lovely appearance by either downloading and applying the available themes or creating your preferred theme.
  • STATUS: Until the WhatsApp mods, the official WhatsApp absolutely boxed users by reducing the amount of characters that can be used to express themselves on their about. Whereas the official WhatsApp allows 135 characters, this particular mod (Fouad GB WhatsApp) allows 250 characters.
  • LOCK: If you are someone that I huge on privacy, then this feature was carved with you in mind. With the use of pattern, pin or password, you can protect your chat from intruders and the likes. With can lock your WhatsApp account with the Fouad GB WhatsApp so that every time you want to log in, you would need to input your security details. This might be stressful but it would serve you well as it protects you from people who love to pry into other people’s business.
  • MEDIA: You know that moment when the WhatsApp group you are on just can’t help but send multiple picture and videos to the group and every time you download it, it saves to your phone memory? Yeah! Moments like that can be very annoying. However, as a user of this WhatsApp mod, you can absolutely prevent pictures and videos received on WhatsApp from saving on your phone. This way, you do not need to always clear your phone to save space.
  • NOTIFICATION: Users can also prevent WhatsApp from sending them notifications. For example, you are reading a book online. Of course you have to be connected to the Internet to successfully read this online book. However, as a result, WhatsApp notifications keep coming in. With Fouad GB WhatsApp, you can mute your WhatsApp notifications so that, unless you log into WhatsApp, you would have no clue that somebody sent you lunch.

The above enlisted are just few of the things Fouad GB WhatsApp has to offer. It gives you the opportunity to do more with your WhatsApp account. Follow the direction below to join the Fouad WhatsApp family.

Download Fouad GB WhatsApp

Download Fouad GB WhatsAppDownload now!!

HOW TO Download Fouad GB WhatsApp

Downloading this app is not rocket science. All you need is a compatible device ( which could be an android or iOS), up to date anti virus app and access to the internet.

  • STEP ONE: Search google for the link to download this app. This is because, like other mod versions, they are not legit and, thus, can’t be found on google play store
  • STEP TWO: Download the apk via the link you get but ensure you scan for virus. Before proceeding to install, grant your phone the permission to install apps from unknown sources through the security setting
  • STEP THREE: Go to your phone’s file manager and search for the apk file. Once found, click on it. It would ask you if you want to “install” the app. Tap the install button to initiate installation process.
  • STEP FOUR: After successful installation, open the app, set up your WhatsApp account and you are good to go.

The Fouad GB WhatsApp is quite handy and requires no complication to operate it. Its user interface is friendly and is a great alternative to the original WhatsApp.