Download GTA 5 Apk + OBB Data for Android

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A mobile game is a technological approach that enables you to download and install different games on your mobile devices. Initially, games were played among two people who are physically involved. These people normally see themselves to enjoy the pleasure that comes with the particular game in question.

Based on technological advancement, most of these games have been developed as applications, and installed on mobile devices. Examples of such games are; whot, Ludo, Scrable, cheese and so on. Once these games are installed on your devices, you can either play alone with computer or engage someone to play with you even when you can’t see yourselves. It is always fun and stresses relieving to engage in these mobile games.

There are movies developed as games like spider man, bat man, etc. Likewise, we have some stories written and developed as game example is gangstar games.

Are you looking for a gangstar game loaded with actions, fun and excitement capable of relieving you of stress and also keep your company? then GTA 5 is the answer?


The GTA is an acronym of Grand Theft Auto and was developed by Rockstar North (a popular game developing firm). The establishment of the game was done under the tag ” Rockstar Game”. The game under discussion ( GTA 5) is the newest launched game in the Grand Theft Auto series. The main theme of the GTA game is to carry out missions as a criminal in various virtual states with diverse partners as included in the storyline.


There are a countless feature that singled GTA 5 among it compares and some of them includes;

In-game Career Mode

The in- game career mode of the game is mainly based on crime satire. This means, each player needs to complete criminal missions if he must advance to the next stage. Most of these crime missions include; killing some people with ammunition, Neighbourhood destruction, doing some insane stunts, jumping from planes and cliffs, driving to a specific place, and also sourcing for information that will help to execute the mission and return home safely.

The Storyline Backbone

The storyline backbone is the different mission that is needed to be sequentially and successfully implemented. This storyline backbone also doubles as the game career objective. The game becomes more interesting after the execution of each mission because there is always a change in the plan once a mission was successfully executed.

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Side Quests and Other Misson Enhancing Activities

To successfully execute a mission, there are points where you will need to get more sophisticated weapons and other equipment for the mission. Base on this, there are side quest which will help to earn more cash. Aside from these side quests, the player can also venture into the purchase of properties and also engage in the stock exchange market to get quick cash when the need arises.

Quality Graphics and Great Vehicle Experience

The GTA 5 is built with superb graphics and it take someone with the love of driving to enjoy the game. This is because, you will have to drive miles before you get to the point of executing each mission. The game does have shortcut so all driving and shooting will done to successfully execute all missions.


To download the GTA 5 apk, click here after a successful download, launch the app for installation, then you will get a notification with a pop up box that “For security your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources”. Then click on settings and select allow installation for GTA 5 Mobile. Then your app will be installed.


The GTA 5 is one of the most downloaded applications with over 1000000 downloads from over 160 countries. It has a file size of 21.1 megabytes and can also be downloaded on the Google play store. In cases you need directive on how to play the game, you can as well download the game together with help on how to play it on play store but the size is 204 megabytes.

Honestly friends, GTA 5 mobile game cannot be compared with any other gangstar game in all ramifications. You can also download it and confirm for yourself because, seeing is believing and am very sure that you will be astonished with what you will see.