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Boring moments are as a result of idleness and loneliness. A good approach to end boredom is ensure that you have somethings doing and this could be reading, listen to music or playing of games.

As it is popularly said ” all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Therefore, Playing of game is very good for keeping us busy as it relieves men from stress and anxiety. It also help to relax the brain after carrying out brain engaged assignment.

It is therefore important to select wisely the type of game to play so as to derive maximum satisfaction and companionship. This is why I will introduce you to Myboy mobile app.


My boy application is an advanced emulator designed for Android phones and tabkets which allows its users to play any Gameboy game installs on their device. It is constructed under a fast emulator banner which made the app loaded and also have the ability to run advance games relating to Gameboy on all the android device that is installed. The app is developed with the capacity to efficiently emulate all ramifications of real hardware.


  • Compatibility With Popular Gameboy Games

Its emulator has perfect compatibility with most of the common games like; Super Mario, Castlevania, and most of the Pokemon series. They all have a perfect match with the Gameboy app.

  • Ability to Adjust Physical Characteristics

The app is designed such that there is the ability to adjust various aspects; ranging from graphics, sound and to the control system. This implies that you can change the game backgrounds, personality look, etc to the ones you desire.

  • Battery Saving Capacity

My boy Apphas the fastest and absolute paced emulation which enhances low usage of current thereby reduce the rate at which the battery runs down.

  • Freedom From Unnecessary BOIS Files

My boy app is designed with a superb level of BOIS emulation which will help to prevent unwanted BOIS files from storing on your device.

  • Support Video Filtering

The app has a GLSL shader that is responsible for video filtering so as to have a quality visual display.

  • Total Eradication Of Boring Moment

To ensure that these app users derive maximum enjoyment, it is built with the fast-forward option. This is put in place so that long stories that users might not be willing to see can be skipped.

  • It Is Very Fast And Easy To Operate

The app is built with a simple, clean and neat interface. This interface as well as a fast processing procedure.


  1. Link or networks of emulation:This feature enables you to connect two or more devices together. The connection can be through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  2. Solar sensor, Glyroscope, tilt and fumble emulation
  3. GameShark, code break or Action replay: When this feature is selected in cause of any game, it helps the player to enable and disable actions. That is, you can choose to increase or decrease the speed.
  4. The app has a strong layout editor which enable you to define the magnitude and position for all on-screen controls and also for the game video.
  5. It support External controller like MOGA
  6. Simple, clean, well designed and users’ friendly interface that is seamlessly programmed to work with android devices
  7. creation and migration of key mapping profile
  8. Shortcuts Creation

On your app home page, you can create shortcut for the game of your choice so as to have easy access to them whenever the need arises.

Download My Boy! GBA Emulator APK For Android | My Boy APK v1.8.0

Download Download My Boy! GBA Emulator


The application is categorized as Free Arcade Game and published on 16th of March, 2019. It’s latest version is and can be gotten on Google play store. It is compatible with android 4.0 and above.

Dear game lovers, one of the best game app that you will never regret having on your device is My boy app because with it you can play multiple games. Why not download it today and confirm the beauty of having access to multiple games at a time? Am sure that a trial will interest you.