Download Latest OGYouTube Apk For Android 2020

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Sometimes, to download a particular movie or short video is frustrating and impossible. The most popular site to get a video of any kind is the youtube. Virtually all the movies are uploaded in this site.

The feature and setup of this application do not support the downloading of any movie. The best you can do is save for offline mode but there is a specific number of days that you can enjoy the saved video without a data connection.

After this period, you will have to connect the data and download it again which will likewise require data connect after some days to repeat the offline saving procedure.

To derive maximum satisfaction from any movie, the best is to download it so that you can watch at any time without a data connection. Thanks to a wonderful team of developers for making it easy to download videos on YouTube through OGYOUTUBE.


OG YouTube is a special application designed to function with youtube. It is to enhance the downloading of YouTube videos directly into your device memory card. One of the interesting features of this app is that you can download the videos into any resolution and format of your choice.

Carrying out these processes is very easy and you need not get a special teacher to tutor you on its processes. Currently, there is no YouTube download client that can be compared with OGYouTube that is available on Android devices, that is if there will be anyone close to it. The interface and usability of this app make it second to none alternative for YouTube video downloading.


There are various superb features that single OGYouTube out among its compares and this includes;

* Video Downloading

With Og YouTube, you have the ability to download any video from YouTube. This downloaded video can be done in any quality of your choice between 144p to 1080 HD and even as mp3. It also allows you to sound of video as you are streaming in the form of an audio file.

* Background Video Player

Another interesting feature of this application is that users can play videos from YouTube in the background as a music player.

* Privacy

Privacy with OgYouTube is at its peak. Part of the ways by wish your privacy is secured is through the provision of the ability to clear the history of your watched videos. Likewise, you can clear the recent history of searched videos. If you even wish to stop the app from creating further histories, you can by selecting on pause history option. No one can trace your downloaded or watched video with this feature.

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* Cost

The ogYouTube is free of charge. You don’t need to make any payment before you download the app neither is their activation code that you will need to pay for before you get. Both the downloading and installation is absolutely free.


Download OGYouTube

Since the app can be gotten on play store with easy installation, the next issue to address is how to download movies with the mobile app.

Before that, it is important to note that; for the effective functioning of OGYouTube on your mobile devices, you need to first download and install microg application.

This will serve as a link to gaining access to ogyoutube via your Google account. Without this microg app, downloading and installing ogyoutube will be very difficult.

  1. The first thing is that launch your ogyoutube application then the main screen of this app will be displayed.
  2. On the left hand side of the top, you will find the search button or option that allows you that look for any video. Click on that once the video you wanted to download has been typed for searching.
  3. When this video is displayed, click on it then the video will begin to stream. Right under the streaming video is the download option. Once this option have been selected, the video will start downloading.

Dear movie lover, for how long will you continue to waste your data to stream video when you can eventually download it and have the opportunity to watch it countless number of times? Try this app today and see the secret of unlimited movies on OGYouTube users’ devices.