TVZion APK 3.8.1 (v46) Download 2020 Latest Version Free Android, Firestick, FireTV

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All the movie freaks in the house…keep reading! There is some news for you. So, Netflix is amazing (no doubts) and so is amazon prime. But, if you’re like me, you probably would want a less expensive or free other option that allows you satisfy your movie urge and catch up on all your favourite TV shows.

This is because, frankly, most people (if not everyone) loves free stuff. The point is, there is this cool app that allows you stream movies and TV shows and its name is TVZion (Yes, you guessed well!).

However, TV Zion isn’t entirely brand new. In fact, consider it as an app that returned from exile; it used to exist in the past. However, for reasons best known to the developer, the app was discontinued.



Nevertheless, the 2.0 version of the TVZion is back and better than it was and it is compatible with mobile phones and tablets. Now you might be wondering, YouTube is free but, the guts those ads have to pop up while you are in the middle of a juicy gist or music video is quite annoying.

Hence, this has led you to think that there is always something fishy about free things. Well, not in the context of this app. Unlike the first version, the developers have entirely purged this app of ads. So, you can be rest assured that no ads would pop up rudely in your face while you are savouring the great work put into

Alita: the battle angel or Euphoria.

However, in place of ads, the developer accepts donations of any sort. Trust me, you do not have to donate your house or blood or any other vital organs to support the developer and preserve this golden platform.

But, you can donate items such as amazon gift card for example. This is just one of the amazing features of the TVZion. Read on to know more about your pass to streaming your favourite movies and TV shows for free.


Features TV ZION APK

  • Layout: The layout of this app is catchy and easy to navigate through. Because there are millions of movies and TV shows you can watch on this app, it is well organized to grant you a wonderful user experience. The movies are arranged in collections that help you locate movies quickly. These includes; genre, new in HD, years etc. Interestingly, you can expand the app to a full screen list for maximum satisfaction. With TV Zion app, never starve yourself of the best and latest movies and TV shows across the globe. More so, if you like to take a walk down memory lane by watching movies that made your childhood, TV Zion has got that covered for you. Endlessly feed your movie interest with free and unhindered access to the movies you crave. Give yourself the ultimate movie treat!

  • Subtitle: In the past, maybe language used to be a barrier to exploring movies from countries across the world. Hence, diversity became an issue. However, as a result of civilization and the need for individuals across the globe to connect and expose themselves to culture and people outside their cultural and geographical territory, the language barrier in movies has been squashed. Movies are a way to educate people. For education to be successful communication has to be 100% and language is a major means of communication. This app doesn’t just gather movies from across the globe but also deploys the subtitle feature so that accessible to everyone regardless of where you are from as it provides subtitles in about 255 languages.
  • Auto-play: This feature comes in handy when you are watching a series movie. Like YouTube, after completing an episode, it automatically takes you to the next without you having to move a finger.
  • HD Quality Movies: Undoubtedly, TV Zion aims to please its users as the movies and TV shows on the app are of High definition quality. The fact that it is free doesn’t mean they leave you to watch poor quality movies with the pictures being an eye saw. Enjoy HD movies on this app as a member.
  • Compatibility: Is your device an android device? If yes, you absolutely can download and use this app as it was made for android devices from android phones to tablets. Nevertheless, it can run on an amazon firestick.
  • Chromecast Support: Okay so you know how you want to have your friends over for sleepover? Most times, the option for entertainment is often movies. With an amazing app like TV Zion that harbours tons of movies and TV shows of your choice combined with the forces of Chromecast that allows you stream movies from software to digital television, you can have the perfect movie night/ sleep over with your friends.

It should be noted that the TV Zion app is not large in size. With size of 8.3mb, it wouldn’t swallow up too much space on your device. Read on to know how to download this app on your device.



TV Zion is available for download on Google play. However, for some reason, you wont be able to watch movies on it as it redirects you to YouTube to watch the movie trailer instead. Thus, you can only download the movie thirst satisfying version off their official site which is Follow the steps bellow to download the TV Zion app.

How to download and install TV ZION APK

  1. Step One:

    Go to privacy setting on your android device and allow it install apps from unknown sources

  2. Step two:

    Visit the site and download the app off the site

  3. Step three:

    Once the app has successfully downloaded, tap on it to open it. Your device would automatically begin the installation process.

  4. Step four:

    Depending on your android device, it might immediately scan the app for virus after downloading it. If not, endeavor to scan the app with a trustworthy antivirus app like avast. Once concluded, your app is ready for use.

The TV Zion app is really mind blowing as it possesses recent to old movies and TV shows and allows you stream for free. Welcome to the world where your movie thirst is maximally satisfied