GB Instagram V3.60 APK Download for Android (2020)

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Social media have played a vital role in the development of the globe. Information is disseminated through this means. Before now, radio, television, and newspaper are the only way we get information. This made the flow of information slow as many may not be reached.

As technology advances, information becomes easily accessible as it gets to people through their phones and other mobile devices. This development also helps in locating old-time friends and relatives. With a mobile device, the world is now a global village where you can easily get information and also connect with pals and relatives anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, a suitable place for the marketing of your product is social media as there is a countless number of people who visit it per time. Product marketing could either be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp to mention but few.

Though the media above have put in there best to ensure that the above benefits are enjoyed by all but there are rooms to improve on their services and that was what prompted the launching of GB INSTAGRAM.


GB Instagram is developed from the functionality of Instagram but was designed with many themes and customization tools so that you can have a desired and interesting look for your Instagram page. It comes with various tools that enables you to download anybody’s Instagram video, stories, and pictures. With this application, you can also copy anyone’s Instagram biography. The GB Instagram as well offers more privacy and security options.

One of the major aims of developing this application is to help Instagram lovers to have encouraging followers through the addition of features and also to have detail information about the timely trends on Instagram and your followers. The GB Instagram application is presently the number one Instagram MOD among all the social media.



The main features of this app is listed as follows;

  • Identification Of Favorite Chats:This feature allows users to mark important or favorite chats for easy identification when reference is made to it.
  • Downloads: With GB Instagram, you can easily download photos and videos attached to any story or post.
  • Duplication Of Instagram Bio:You have the ability to copy the Instagram bio of anybody once the GB Instagram is actively functioning on your device.
  • Theme Application:As I have earlier said, countless themes are on the app. This will make it stress – free for the editing of your page. You can choose to use the theme of your choice
  • Sending Of Links:In case, you want your followers to enjoy a particular video or there is a picture that your followers love, you can equally send the link to get the specific video or picture instead of searching all through the net for it.
  • Notification Deletion:The GB Instagram allows you to delete any notification wrongly posted. There are some cases when we post notifications loaded with grammatical blunders or spelling errors; you can edit or even delete it with the help of this app.
  • Rooting of Devices:So many applications cannot work directly on some devices until they are rooted. For GB Instagram, you don’t need to root your device before you can enjoy the app.


  • Additional Support for IGTV:IGTV is a free application that allows users of Instagram to share long videos. With this feature, user of GB Instagram can share lengthy videos.
  • Video Call: Making video calls is now possible with good quality on Instagram once it is with GB Instagram application.
  • Voice Note:The latest version of this app allows users to add voice notes to their stories.
  • Addition Of Tag To A Story

You can now tag friends and acquaintances to see your stories on Instagram due to this addition

How To Install GB Instagram On Android?

Download GB Instagram V3.60


This App is a Social app with a Package name: It has a file size of 38.9mb and can function effectively on android 4.4 and above. Its latest version is and does not require any money for installation or downloading.

Dear Instagram users, though you have been enjoying your Instagram with whatever medium you have been adopting I want to assure you that you have missed a lot for not using GB Instagram. Though it’s not too late to start deriving unbeatable Instagram experience on this app but regret not using the app before now.