WhatsApp Aero APK 8.12 Download Latest Version Official Free (8.11) 2020

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Whatsapp Aero

With whatsapp boasting of billions of users globally, it is expected to find modified versions of the app from different manufacturers. These third party modified versions all offer whatsapp users incredible features that the official Whatsapp software lacks.

Frankly speaking, these features offer users a fantastic user experience that makes it so easy for them to move from using the official whatsapp to modified versions crafted to suit their needs without harbouring the fear of being banned from the official whatsapp.

WhatsApp Aero APK 8.0 Download Latest Version Official Free

Whatsapp aero is one of the numerous third party software that delivers a stupendous Whatsapp experience. The developer, who is from Turkey, definitely put in an impressive amount of creativity and innovation that distinguishes it from other whatsapp third party apps.

While using the Whatsapp source code, the Turkish developer seem to draw inspiration from the fouad Whatsapp mods. With this mod version, you can absolutely personalize your Whatsapp visuals through a variety of themes and colours. Since the standard whatsapp team has refused to update the default green theme it is known by,

the whatsapp aero team has taken it upon themselves to lay emphasis on theme in this version of Whatsapp so that customers get the best theme experience. Imagine you are chatting with a friend on Whatsapp with your phone looking like a basketball court or a cute cat theme stares right back at you. Cool right? (Depending on the theme you prefer).

However, unless your android system is a 4.0 or higher, you can’t access this app. Mod softwares like this app can’t be downloaded off google play store or app store like Instagram or other apps that these mobile software markets can monitor.

Thus, as an unofficial version, you can only download the apk (which will be virus free) from a website.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to subject apps like these that are downloaded off a random website to severe virus screening to save your life (lol! I mean, device). Without further ado, here are the features of WhatsApp aero

Name WhatsApp Aero
Developer Bozkurt Hazarr
Latest Version 8.5
Last Updated September
Requires Android 4.0+
Size 30 to 44 MB
Category Mods
Follow Telegram

Features of Whatsapp Aero

  • Theme: As earlier stated, themes is the main attraction of this app. They are what make the user interface lively and dynamic. In numbers, 3000+ themes make up WhatsApp aero, allowing users to explore the true wonders of themes while using the app.
    Designed by Bozkurt Hazard, you would get maximum user experience from this brand of WhatsApp if you enjoy how themes make your phone look. More so, the user interface is really cool as well as user friendly.
  • Another interesting feature of WhatsApp aero is that it allows you to keep an eye on those who visit your WhatsApp profile. Dope right? This gives you a sense of control over your profile you can keep track of people who monitors your profile without saying a word or sending a text. In return, you could block them if you feel threatened. Whoa! Now doesn’t the developer of WhatsApp aero just deserve a standing ovation already?
  • Like other WhatsApp mods, the WhatsApp aero absolutely rebels against the official WhatsApp when it comes to one’s ability to delete already sent messages. In other words, you can revoke deleted messages. For example, let’s say a guy or girl you’re crushing on sends a message that absolutely is a profession of their love for you but is just too scared of whether or not you feel the same way. As a result, they quickly delete the message before you get the chance to see it, don’t worry your head too much because WhatsApp aero has got you covered. You can read that deleted message as you satisfy your curiosity in the process.
  • Another feature that makes this WhatsApp special is its ability to hide media. Remember how while going through your gallery you feel your privacy has been intruded because of the millions of strange pictures and videos that store up in your gallery under the title “WhatsApp images” Etc? Well, WhatsApp aero absolutely stops this from happening. It allows you to hide media (pictures and videos) from WhatsApp so that you can only view it on WhatsApp.
  • Font customization: you can customize the font of this messenger to suit your taste. If you do not like the default WhatsApp font, as a user of WhatsApp aero, it gives you the ability to change it.
  • Emojis: no doubt emojis have evolved over the years and would be an accurate way to depict every of our feelings from sad to grumpy to devlish to teary to laughing hard etc. Just name it. It is the heart of conversations. As a result, WhatsApp aero developed this app with quite a lot of emojis including the emojis from the official WhatsApp to Facebook emojis. Plus, you just might be able to create your own emoji on the app.
  • Thinking of sending large video of image files that WhatsApp wont originally allow you send? Try WhatsApp aero. You can send video files to anybody via this software that’s up to 30MB large. More so, you can make your status longer than 139 characters. With the help of WhatsApp aero, the words on your status can count up to 250 characters.


  • It is a ban-proof WhatsApp mod. Hence, you don’t have to be scared of being banned from WhatsApp completely.
  • With the million of features this mod has, you definitely would have an amazing user experience.


  • The file size is large as it is more than 60MB

Download WhatsApp Aero APK Latest Version

Download Aero APK 8.5


Switching from the standard WhatsApp to WhatsApp aero means you are starting your WhatsApp journey from scratch.

That is, you might lose all files and important documents shared with you on WhatsApp unless you back up your chats before downloading WhatsApp aero.

Backing up your chat is not rocket science. All you need to do is simply go to your WhatsApp settings via the three dots on whatsapp.

Then, tap on chats. This would take you to the page where you would see the “backup chats” Option. Click on it and allow your WhatsApp back up your chats no matter how long it takes.

Step One: After successfully backing up your chats, search Google for “WhatsApp aero apk” And a couple of sites would pop up.

Step Two: As always click on the first site and proceed to download the app. First, ensure that you have granted your phone the permission to install app from unknown sources via your mobile setting.

Step Three: Check for virus before proceeding to install the app on your phone.

Step Four: Open the app and sign in with your required details. Then, tap on the “copy WhatsApp data” To restore all of your chats from the standard WhatsApp software.

If you do not mind the size of this mod and your mobile phone meets the requirement to be able to download this app (which is that the minimum operating system your Android should have is a 4.0), then, this app was carved just for you.