Limbo 1.17 APK Download for Android 2020 Latest

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Puzzle games are probably the best way to while away time, and for this fact there are so many puzzle games out there so that gamers can find their own niche and stick to it.

But then, some games cross boundaries, appealing to a wide variety of audiences, even those who aren’t primarily puzzle game fans. I think many will agree that Limbo makes one of the tops on this list of games, and still remains one of the best puzzle games to be ever made (my opinion, though).

Limbo, developed by Playdead, was first released on Xbox 360 in 2010, and since then has become available on PlayStation 3, Linux and Microsoft windows. In February, 2015, the game was released for Android users on the Google Play store in two forms;

the Demo version and the premium (full) version. The two games, except for the fact that the premium version is the full game, are essentially the same. The Android version of this game is actually kind of different from the other platforms, but nonetheless it’s great fun; I think the changes are made to enhance the gaming control.

In detail, the game is a single player game that features a rather emotional story of a boy with a mental disorder who seeks out an imaginary sister of his, whom he thought to have been captured.

The boy, most now go on an adventure through a forest, fighting against monsters, weird creatures and some human characters along the way. Perhaps the horror feel this black and white game gives is the reason many of us are so addicted to it.

While no one wants to play the game for free, only the Demo version is free and the full version costs $0.99 which wouldn’t have really been much. It so far has over 500,000 downloads (the Demo version has over 5 million) and a review is 4.6 among users.

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Although the size is much –about 117MB- considering the how short the game is, but that is more than made up for in the graphics, and it doesn’t consume much storage space after download.

Download Limbo 1.17 APK

However, the free version is available on many websites the internet up to its latest version in fact (version 1.18). This will however, have to be downloaded by allowing one’s device to install apps from ‘unknown sources’, hence making the user vulnerable to malware. But then again, if the downloaded from the right websites, the users should be just fine.

In conclusion, Limbo is one of our best puzzle games and thankfully it is available on the Android OS, but not for free. The free version on the other hand is available on the internet but isn’t protected as the version on the Google Play store, not that it’s not safe, but there are malicious websites out there that take advantage of this to install malware on user’s devices.

So for users who are not willing to part with a few dollars to download this game from the play store can be rest assured, the internet has got you covered.