Tekken 7 Apk + ISO Download for Android 2020

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Tekken 7 Download

The Tekken series have one of our best games for a long time now, perhaps one of the first few things we think of whenever Japan is mentioned –after Sushi, of course. Some of those who were born in the 90’s gave our childhood to this game, and over the years, many games have been released as part of the series.

The game has also been made available on various gaming devices over the years like PlayStation and Xbox even Windows PC for users, but somehow never made it to the Google Play store (except for the Tekken mobile which is a quite different matter).

Tekken 7 game

Tekken 7 like the others was made available as an arcade game in the year 2015, as a sequel to the series, but became available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft windows in 2017, but like the previous versions, it never made its way to Android.

The game came with new features like Rage art, Power Crush and Screw hits etc., as well as a few new characters like Eliza and Geese Howard.

Tekken 7 for Android

Download Tekken 7 for Android

However, Tekken 7 was only available on PC and other video games devices, while Android users are left to pick on their nails. But then, every problem has its solution and the solution to this came in form ISO files; these are files that allow users to run apps from entirely different operating systems on their devices, like running Windows apps on your Android.

With this, gamers can now run PC games like Tekken 7 on their android phones and tablets without having to wait for the apk which may not be around anytime soon.

While downloading the file is one thing, playing it is another and this will require the users to install a PSP emulator (e.g. PPSSPP) –available on many websites and even the Google Play store- this automatically generates a folder in the user’s file explorer; the PSP folder.

Afterwards, the player can then download the ISO file which should be extracted to the PSP folder still using the file explorer.

This then allows the user to use the PSP app to navigate the ISO file and play Tekken 7 on their phones and tablets. The ISO file can be downloaded from many websites online, but then, make sure to trust the website to avoid malware.

Tekken 7 mod apk for Ios

Download Tekken 7 for IOS

On the contrary, this is different from the Tekken 7 mod apk which is just an upgraded version of the Tekken 6 mod apk with much better graphics and controls.

This is also not so bad in its essence but then, it is not the same as the real Tekken 7 app as is available on PC, PlayStation etc. This app is actually made specifically for the Android OS and hence does not require an ISO file.

In conclusion

While many still hope the someday the Tekken 7 will be available on the android users, those who can’t wait have decided to find a way around it by making available ISO files to be played on Android using PSP emulators. The Tekken 7 ISO is available on the internet and by extension the Tekken 7 for Android users worldwide.