GTA 3 APK Download Latest Version For Android

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GTA 3 APK Download Latest Version For Android

Everyone loves the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, from those who grew up playing it, to those who just as much as witnessed the another person play it, what we all want is the ‘open world’ experience where we can go wherever and do whatever we want.

So far among the GTA series, one of the most popular is the GTA III which sets within Liberty city, New York –perhaps for the liberty it gives gamers.

GTA III made its debut on PlayStation in October 2002, and since then has been released on many other platforms with the android version released in December, 2011 on its tenth anniversary. This was a great news to all GTA fans who either just wanted the game handy or who prefer mobile games to PC and Xbox.

While the mobile version is a suited version of the original game, there are only a few differences when it come so the graphic, the audio and general gaming experience; though I think the graphics could’ve been better.

Download GTA 3 APK For Android

Download GTA 3 APK

As with the original version, the Android version features the main character play Claude, a criminal on some form of a revenge mission struggling to find his way through the different boroughs of Liberty city.

He makes friends and enemies along the way, while completing side missions to earn extra features that helps him in his main mission. This version allows the same abilities and freedom the original game permits, bringing the nostalgia of our childhood days.

So far, the game which was published by Rockstar Games on the Google Play store goes for just $4.99, which isn’t bad at all. It has over a million downloads and a great review of 4.3 among its users, although it is rated 18+ due to its explicit display of sex and violence which restricts the general availability of the game; then again, that’s what qualifies as fun for some others.

With regards the size, the game is as expected, quite heavy; 1.3GB and requires extra in storage space, hence players would need a strong internet connection and lots of patience to download and install.

However, it can’t be all perfect, there are a few glitches with the controls leading to poor aims, and with camera direction and this is especially worse with gamers who have smaller screen size. Hopefully, that the developers will fix those in the future updates but sadly, the updates don’t come regularly.

To sum it up, the android version GTA III is quite adapted for the devices on the platform –despite its large size- but doesn’t match up to the original version on PlayStation and Xbox.

The controls aren’t so great either, hence it’s not the best recommendation for users who have the option of playing it on the actual gaming devices, except maybe on Android TV.

But for those who just want to feel the nostalgia of playing the game again or those who just want an action crime game to keep them busy for a long time, then this game will do well to serve that purpose.