Lucky Patcher APK 8.6.3 Latest Version Download Free

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Lucky Patcher APK 8.6.3 Latest Version Download 2019 Free

Welcome to the era of technological advancement whereby people who are clueless about technology can still do some tech things with the help of software applications like Lucky Patcher. Software like lucky Patcher simplifies the life of an android user.

In other to answer your “unasked” question: what is lucky Patcher?, in simple terms, it is an app cracker for android devices (Yeah, you heard that right). Before you skip this article for another, here is a detailed description of what the app is and how it can save your life as an individual and android user (Lol).

Lucky Patcher APK

It is quite obvious that most people would love to have an ad free experience on YouTube or other apps that you can use for free. However, this type of life seem to exist in the imagination. Lucky Patcher reaches deep into this fantasy and pulls it out so that it becomes a reality.

In other words, this app helps you block and/ or remove the ads on apps like YouTube and other ads infested apps. More so, bypass in-app purchases with Lucky Patcher in apps like Pics art and gain full access to the juicy features on it or other apps of your choice without paying a dime.

Thus, become a premium user on the app you love without having to pay for it or download a mod version. Lucky Patcher really brings a lot of luck and cool features. It is, however, important to note that you might not be able to fully access the entire features that the Lucky Patcher possesses if your phone is not rooted. This rooting process grants you root access to your android system operating code.

It allows you install apps like lucky Patcher that your android mobile device might not allow you download because it basically manipulates apps. If google play store has their apps manipulated, it would be a huge loss for the developers financially.

Rooting your device can be quite risky though. This doesn’t go to say that you can’t have the lucky Patcher app on your phone without rooting it because you can. The downside to this, however, is that your access to lucky Patcher would be limited. This being said, let’s explore the features of this app.

Features Lucky Patcher

  • Back up: Although the Lucky Patcher app knows how to manipulate other apps and let you bypass in app purchases, it is noteworthy that it can also help you backup your apps on your SD card. In case an app crashes and you need to uninstall it, rather than download it again, just simply go to the archive built for you by lucky patcher and reinstall the app you lost.
  • Purge: Digital life for you on your device could be ad free with this app. It purges all your apps free of ads so you don’t have to deal with them at inappropriate times. With no annoying ads, enjoy your videos on YouTube or your games.
  • Rooting: This process has a lot of risk attached to it. But to be safe, it is better to leave your device un-rooted. From an understanding of the risk attached to rooting, the developers created this app in such a way that would still allow you use it whether or not your device is rooted. Nevertheless, un rooted devices won’t be able to access all the features that the app has to offer.
  • Unlimited access: If you are a gamer, this feature would absolutely benefit you. You know how game developers do VR games and other type of games that require you buy coins or do something to get a unlock a new character? Well, with this feature in the Lucky Patcher app, you can shatter the limiting wall and access as many coins as you want for free. So, the next time you get drawn into a game and the only thing preventing you from going to the next level is a couple of coins etc, recruit this app into your digital army and rise about these limitations.
  • Converter: This app gets more interesting with yet another mind blowing feature. Unfortunately, we don’t get to keep all the apps we download permanently as we could lose them along the way. However, lucky patcher changes the game with this feature. It allows you convert the apps you get from the android market into system apps. In other words, it becomes a pre-installed app like google play store etc like it was installed on your phone from the company. This way you secure the app on your phone, permanently.
  • Move: We know how annoying it can be when you try installing an app that you really love but play store requires you to delete quite a number of other important apps on your phone before you can download the new app. Obviously, the developers of the app understand it too. This is why they, through this app, have made it possible for you to move your apps from your system to your SD card.

Download link Lucky Patcher

Download Lucky Patcher APK 8.6.3

If you are psyched about this app and want to download it already, here is a brief guide on how you can make this happen.

Lucky Patcher.

As usual, Lucky patcher is one of those apps that you can’t get on google play store (the reason has been explained, briefly above). Hence, you have to get it through a link provided by the oceans of websites digger out by google. After downloading it, proceed to install.

  • Step One: Enable the feature that allows you install apps from unknown sources through your phone’s settings. You would easily find this feature among the security option in the settings category.
  • Step Two: Locate the Lucky Patcher file you downloaded and tap on the install button to initiate the installation process.
  • Step Three: Open the app once the installation process is complete and grant permission to the app to do what it asks and you are ready to go. There are dozens of other features that this app has but are quite inexhaustible.

Nevertheless, from the few highlighted features above, it is clear that this app really is an angel, one that brings a lot of good luck (lol) and it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. However, as earlier stated, you do not have to root your device to be able to use this app if you don’t want to. Only take this bold step if you are more than ready for its consequences (if any)