Titanium TV APK 2.0.22 Latest Version Download Free 2020 Android, Firestick

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With the way most of your life revolves around work but you hear your colleagues gist about amazing TV shows and movies, you always feel left out. Trust me, that is not a pretty feeling. Moving forward, you have been trying to keep up with movies and TV shows ever since but it is just not working for you.

Well, we have a way for you to stay woke when it comes to movies and TV shows without being less effective at work. If you are in this boat, the Titanium TV app is here for you.



Precisely, the Titanium TV app, although it evokes the song “Titanium” by Sia in the mind, is an android app that gives you the luxury of streaming your favorite movies and TV shows with connection to a stable Internet connection.

So, if you didn’t catch a movie at the cinema, there’s no need to be sad cause you can watch it on titanium. If you missed an episode of your favorite show, titanium’s got your back.



The Titanium TV team ensures to keep the app up to date with the latest movies. Now you are probably thinking that since this titanium TV app offers you a lot of movie entertainment at your finger tips, how much would it cost? Is there a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly subscription? Well, there is none. The Titanium TV app is absolutely free.


There are no subscriptions required or in-app purchases of the sort. More so, you get to watch movies on the app in HD. So yes, titanium TV app actually gives you more for less. It should be noted that the Titanium TV app is not only compatible with android devices. It can also function on iOS devices, PC’s and Fire stick. Hence, you can enjoy your movie where ever you are on any device.


  • OFFLINE: The Titanium TV apk was created to entertain customers maximally with movies and TV shows. So as to ensure customers are 100% satisfied, the Titanium TV team incorporated the offline download feature in the app while creating it. In other words, you can download the movies on your device storage so you can watch it later without having to connect to the internet or logging into the app.
  • DIVERSITY: This feature makes the app somewhat unique. It does not only feature movies from Hollywood but movies from across the world while making these movies accessible to the general public in 20 different languages. This is so as to ensure everyone can relate to movies filmed in any part of the world. As a result of this diversity, there is no doubt that there is a vast body of movies on the app. In order to make it easy to locate the movie you seek, the app is organized according to genres; fantasy, mystery, horror, action etc to enable customers easily access any movies and/ TV show that they seek.
  • NOTIFICATION: Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whoever you are, irrespective of the mood you are in, titanium TV treats you to a notification ring when your favorite movies and TV shows episodes have been added to the app. This, however, works when you are connected to the internet.
  • HIGH QUALITY VIDEO: Sometimes, the quality of a movie can discourage you from watching it till the end or even watching it at all. So also does the sound quality. Once it is bad, you might just want to postpone seeing the movie till there is a better video and sound quality. The Titanium TV app team understands this perfectly and this is why they ensure that every movie and TV show on their platform is in HD quality. Also, the sound quality is nothing short of good. This is an a good attempt to give their customers a cinema like experience in the comfort of their home on their preferred device.
  • SUPPORTS CASTING: Thinking of having friends or guests over for a movie marathon night? Titanium TV can absolutely help you cater for your movie needs. First, you don’t have to go about searching for the best movies or creating a movie list as Titanium already got this sorted out. You only need to download the movies if you don’t want to stream it. Second, you can cast movies from the app on bigger screens via chrome cast and other casting apps as it supports this.

The titanium TV app offers a lot to users. Although there are ads, the ads are quite minimal. They won’t cut you half way into your movie or just rudely come up to your face while searching for a movie to watch. If you can’t wait to lay your hands on this gold, follow the steps below to download it.


As other apps that are from unknown sources and can’t be found on google play store or app store, the Titanium app can only be downloaded off a site. Not all sites provide a virus free version of the app. Hence, you would need a strong and up to date anti virus app on your device to help you scan the app for virus. Once you have downloaded it, installing the app is like stealing candy from a baby; very easy.

STEP ONE: Activated the “unknown sources” option on your device. This allows you install apps from sources outside of google play store and app store on your device.

STEP TWO: Tap on the downloaded file. Then, proceed to install the app on your phone. Wait till it has successfully installed itself on your device and don’t attempt to interrupt the process.

STEP THREE: Launch the app on your device and viola! Welcome to the world of endless movies.

The app has many more features. Once you become a user, you should take out time to explore the app. Quick warning, this app is quite addictive. So, thread with caution so you don’t spend your whole day lost in the world of the Titanium TV.