WA Tweaker APK 1.4.9 Download Latest Version in {2020} Free

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WA Tweaker APK 1.4.9 Download Latest Version in {2020} Free

Often, many features and settings for WhatsApp are hidden, probably after an update. You won’t just see it when you are on the homepage. To access these hidden features, you need the service of an app developer. Long process, right?

Do you really want to get the most from your WhatsApp app? Meaning those interesting features that are hidden from normal users.

Well, there is this app called WA Tweaker. With it, you don’t need any decompiling. It makes it easy for you to enable the hidden features using WA Tweaker.

Now what exactly is WA Tweaker? You may ask. It is an Android app that helps users unlock all hidden features of WhatsApp. Any time there is an update from WhatsApp, this app allows you enjoy the hidden features.

This app is tiny but might. It can activate all features hidden in the beta version of your WhatsApp. In order to use WA Tweaker, you may need a rooted Android phone for all its features to properly function.

From time to time, the developer of WA Tweaker checks WhatsApp for any new updates. Whenever there is an update on WhatsApp, this app will also be updated. From there, you can now uncover the fun hidden features available.

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More on WA Tweaker

This application was developed by Alex 193a, a very competent developer when it comes to tweaking apps, including unlocking hidden settings.

For WhatsApp, these settings supposed to help users bypass 7 seconds delete for every limit, for example.

Today, there are varieties of MODs for WhatsApp. These MODs can be used used for changing the theme of your WhatsApp. The main function of WA Tweaker is to allow you unlock different features on WhatsApp, hidden from users.

You can now have more fun with your WhatsApp with the help of WA Tweaker. This app is very easy to use; you can enable all sorts of cool hidden features in just few minutes.

Formerly known as WA Tweaks, WA Tweaker also some Xposed modules. These will allow you make varieties of customisations to your WhatsApp interface. Play with them!

How to use WA Tweaker


This app is easy to use on your Android device.

First of, you need to close WhatsApp, then enable the ‘airplane’ mode.

Now open the WA Tweaker app and enable the features you want. After this, re-open your WhatsApp

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That’s all. Sit back and have fun with the new features. Now you can increase the media size limit, hide chats that have been archived, save contacts status, participate in lots of groups, and many other features.

Features of WA Tweaker

Installing the WA Tweaker app into your Android device will give you lots of benefits.

Below are some of the features of WA Tweaker:

  • – You can get more privacy on WhatsApp’s last seen feature with this app.
  • – Easily disable the recording indicator or typing indicator.
  • – You can replace emojis and also change font and the color of status bar.
  • – The app allows you chat with non-address book contacts.
  • – Helps you disable reading receipts, including delivery reports.
  • – WA Tweaker helps you modify how your WhatsApp looks. This also allows you unlock features that other users can’t use.
  • – The app was integrated with Xposed Module. This means you will be able to unlock more exciting features WhatsApp offers.

Note that these features are already in WhatsApp, only that they were hidden. WA Tweaker unlocks them.

What are the requirements for using WA Tweaker?

Now that you understand how WA Tweaker can help you unlock some hidden features of WhatsApp, you may want to install it into your mobile device.

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Below are the requirements to use this app:

  • – You need an Android device. Android 4.0.3 or higher is good.
  • – Access to the internet.
  • – Service of Google Play Store.
  • – This app also requires root permissions.
  • – If you decide to use privacy and customizations tweaks, then you will need the Xposed Framework.
  • – An updated WhatsApp beta. Download and install it from the Google Play Store.


Now you know how easy it is to enjoy some of the hidden features WhatsApp already provides. You can now go ahead and download the WA Tweaker on your Android phone.

Hope you will get the benefits of this superb tweaker soon. Enjoy!