Package Disabler Pro APK Full | Package Disabler Pro Samsung

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Package Disabler Pro APK Full | Package Disabler Pro Samsung

In this era of huge reliance on Android devices, there are times when you feel your Android device is not performing at maximum speed or is lagging. This is probably because a number of apps are functioning, but you are not aware they are. In comes the Package disabler pro.

The Package disabler pro is an app that is quite popular, as over 86% of Android users make use of it globally. It comes pre-installed on most Samsung devices.

It is used in the removal of all unnecessary items that occupy the storage space and make an Android phone slow down.

These unwanted items which usually run in the background, eventually cause problems in one way or the other to your Samsung device.

Downloading and installing the Package disabled pro helps to disable all the unnecessary packages so as to make your device run faster.

This app is quite easy to install and download, though you cannot get it on Google playstore.

You would have to download it from the official website of the developers.

Features Of The Package Disabler Pro

  • Bloatware disabling:The best thing about the Package disabler pro is the ability to improve the optimum performance of your Android device as well as the battery life. This is done by getting rid of bloatware on your device.

  • Easy Usage:This app is quite easy-to-use with the intuitive and user-friendly interface. Though it is advised that you make use of the latest updated version to enjoy all the advanced features available. The FAQ section also provides the necessary help when you find yourself having issues with the app.

  • Applications management:With this app, you are able to effectively manage all the applications on your Android device in one place. Whether it is device bloatware, pre-installed and installed apps, you would get a view of the properties and percentage of usage. You can also make use of the password protection to prevent outsiders from viewing important documents and applications without your permission. You can easily uninstall phone apps you don’t need using this app.

  • Files export and import:This app enables to safely export file settings to an external storage device and later have them imported back to your device. This is great when you want to try out a new app on your phone you think might affect your phone.

  • Batch Removal of unwanted apps:You can uninstall unwanted phone applications with just a click. All you do is click on the various apps you do not need and click on the uninstall option. All the unwanted apps get deleted at once..

Download Package Disabler Pro APK For Android | Package Disabler Pro MOD

Download Package Disabler Pro


The Package disabler pro is a great app to install on your Android device. Apart from the main feature of boosting the overall performance of your device by getting rid of unwanted apps, it also provides restricted use of some applications by kids until they become of age. Though it comes at a price of $2.80, it is worth the money.