Need For Speed Most Wanted APK + For Android With MOD 2020

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Need For Speed Most Wanted APK + For Android With MOD 2020

For Android device users who are very fond of car racing games, the Android version of the Need for speed: most wanted is one of the most popular and exciting games to have on your device. This game was developed by Criterion Software in 2012.

For starters, the game boasts of an interface with aesthetic, high definition graphics and menu options. The sound effects and soundtracks in the game are also great, giving that adrenaline rush as experienced in real life car races.

You do not have to pass through a long process before you start your first racing adventure. The racing events are quite many, with race types such as the one-on-one, 6-car race, time trials and many others available.

This game is the first mobile game that allows the player to make use of a steering wheel that is placed on the screen. The accelerometer control option is the better option in controlling your car as it is more responsive to your body tilting and turning movements.

The game controls are easy to operate, with just a few finger touches on the screen.

As exciting as this game is, the decision not to have a multi-player option is hard to fathom. In place of the multi-player option, a player is awarded with Speed points.

These points are used in upgrading the car as you increase your overall ranking on the Most Wanted list. The main objective of this game is for the player to become the number one name on the list.

The loading time for the game is also a disappointing aspect. It takes way too long for the game to successfully load. though the high definition graphics are obviously the reason behind this lagging in loading time.

If you are in a mood for a quick game, trust me, the loading time will not give you a chance. This game loading process even happens when your smartphone is left idle for a while.

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The Artificial Intelligence(AI) component of the game is topnotch but it is frustratingly too perfect. Mistakes hardly occur on the part of the system, making game progress very difficult when you mess up.


  • Quality and aesthetic game graphics

  • Multiple racing event options

  • Great sensitivity index of game controls

  • Fluid controlling system


  • The game loading time takes too long

  • No multi-player option available

  • Vehicle upgrades are average


The Android version of tbe Need for speed: Most wanted is really an enthralling mobile game, but it still has a few setbacks. With the excellent, immersive graphics and exciting racing control system and options available to the game player, you are in for a good time. Despite these cool features, the amount of time the game takes to come up is really annoying. The decision by the developers to deprive the game of a multi-player option and some other unnecessary additions makes it less appealing. All-in-all, the Need for speed Most wanted is an above average mobile game.