Download iLauncher APK v3.8.4.6/ full Pro version 2020

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A phone’s user interface is surely one of the top things a phone maker has to consider when making a phone.

Every phone has its unique user interface (UI). An Android’s UI is completely different to that of a Windows phone or an iPhone. So if you bought an android phone, you shouldn’t expect to experience the features of an iPhone’s UI. This seemed to be accurate until guess what?

iLauncher happened!

This is a software that brings the feel and experience of the iPhone to nowhere else but your Android phone. Matter-of-fact, if you’re in a dark spot and you turn on your phone’s screen, any one close to you is going to think you’re holding an iPhone. Now isn’t that cool?

Installing the iLauncher apk

To get this gift of an app onto your phone is quite easy. You do not even need to root your phone to begin enjoying the amazing features of the iLauncher.

To start, go to your google search bar in your home page or browser and type “iLauncher”. When the results come out, choose the “” link. After the webpage opens, scroll down and select the latest version of the iLauncher to download.

After the download is complete, click on the install button and your iLauncher apk will be installed as a phone app.

After installation, hit the home button and pick the iLauncher as your phone’s launcher. You will discover that you have the latest iOS as your phone’s UI.

Exploring your new Android-iPhone:

You can begin by clicking on any of the apps in your home screen. When the app opens, click on the home button. You’ll see how the app zooms out just like in an iPhone.

To further tweak the look of your phone, head to settings. There you will find options to change your wallpaper and logo, switch to iPad mode, and enable a 5th row on the home screen.

You can personalize your UI; adjust the scroll speed, change the folder preview etc. You can tap and hold an app and see your apps jiggle and wiggle all over your screen. Impressive stuff right?

You could also create new folders in the home page and add apps into them. Somehow, this is useful in keeping your page tidy and neat.

You can select an app to delete orf hide it. The smooth scrolling effect of this Launcher is another reason to install and start using it.

The sensors on your Android phone can work smoothly with it. This means that you can create gestures to swipe up and down, left or right.

iLauncher Android App Features

Real iOS look: getting the ios look and feel should be your main goal or reason to download iLauncher Android App. With this app you won’t be bothered of running about searching for iLauncher Android App 12 or even iLauncher Android App 11 reason because you are well covered when you get this single app. Don’t want to expand funds in getting a new ios powered device? Just get this app downloaded right away.

In-Built iOS Icon Pack – iLauncher Android App is all in one because it comes with built-in iOS pack. Like for instance you don’t need to install a icon pack separately after installation of Launcher app as all is now embedded in the pack all for you.

Easy To Customize – download iLauncher Android App and see how everything about your device is going to change, from the icon to the animation making you to have a feel of ios device. There are chances that you can still customize certain things to your taste and need.

Small in size: iLauncher Android App is small in size. It won’t take up much space from your device and moreover there will be little room for lagging. One thing here is that you need to constantly update to the recent version so to still have a more responsive UI.

Latest Version iLauncher APK File Information

App Name iLauncher APK Full
File Size 3.70MB
Latest Version v3.8.4.6
Android Version Android 6.0 and Above
Developer Mate Software
Last Updated August 2019
Total Downloads 500K+
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Download iLauncher APK Full Version | iLauncher Pro APK Free Download

We have talked about the much sort after iLauncher the Pro version, it’s now time you now start downloading it on your device now. We believe that by now you must have made up your mind to change the feel and look of your device.

Below is the link to get it downloaded right now without wasting your time.

DOWNLOAD iLauncher APK v3.8.4.6

iLauncher APK iOS 12 For Android Screenshots


  • It seems the app wasn’t made for every android user. The app only works with Android OS 4.O and higher.
  • It takes a lot of time to download. Yet if you have a better than average network speed, this should not be an issue.