Pocket TV APK Download For Android | Telenor Pocket TV App Latest Apk

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Pocket TV APK Download For Android | Telenor Pocket TV App Latest Apk

Getting TV on the go has been quite a big deal, especially on tablets and phones; but then getting free, yet quality TV up till this day is still very sketchy. Little wonder Netflix and Hulu are raking in lots of money every year in profits from their customers who will –not so gladly- pay extra for entertainment.

The rest of us are forced to either share Netflix passwords, hangout with friends for the sole purpose of watching a TV program or find an app that allows live streaming for free –and thanks to apps like Pocket TV, we did.

Pocket TV is an Android streaming app, that allows users to stream their favorite TV programs Live and even watch movies online without having to download.

All that for free, and the app can be downloaded for free as well. Hence because of this live streaming feature, this app is not available on the Google Play store and has to be downloaded on the internet. The app is also very light (only 8MB) and doesn’t consume a lot of device storage space.

Download Pocket TV Telenor APK For Android | Pocket TV Latest APK

Download Pocket TV APK

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The app was developed by the Telenor PocketTV (Pakistan), and is very much available on different websites on the internet for users across the globe. Note though that this app will have to be downloaded from an unknown source, hence its safety not guaranteed by the Google security, so users should be careful of websites from which they download it, to avoid malware.

The awareness of this app has been growing rapidly and it is also being developed at a constant rate to meet the needs of its growing fan base –now in millions- despite the fact that it is still very young.

In particular, the most recent version of this app is quite simple and easy to use, the user interface is cool and the streaming is smooth as long as one has a steady internet connection.

It has a good collection of TV shows, movies and series both locally (especially for Pakistanis) and globally, plus it is updated on a daily basis, making it even more current than other similar apps in this category.

To add the toppings, users can request for TV shows to be added, be rest assured there will be a prompt response to the request.

Please note however, that this app is different from the Pocket TV available on the Google Play store developed by Query Consultancy which operates within the confines of YouTube streaming policies.

All that app does is allows one access to their various web TV shows and series that as they are available on YouTube and presents them in an organized fashion without doing much more. Though this app isn’t all bad, it still doesn’t compare to the Telenor Pocket TV.

To sum it up, Pocket TV is quite a promising app for the global streaming world and even though the expectations are low because it’s still quite young, it still would have well passed our expectations if the case was otherwise. With this app, users can get a wonderful streaming experience without having to pay a dime.