BeeTV APK 2.3.8 Latest Version Download Android, Firestick, FireTV & Nvidia Shield

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BeeTV APK 2.3.7 Latest Version Download Android, Firestick, FireTV & Nvidia Shield

With Netflix and its recent competition: Disney+, Apple TV+ etc moving the world population towards stream TV, most people who want to partake of this amazing experience.

However, not many can afford this luxury. This doesn’t mean that you can’t join the stream TV band wagon as there are apps that allow you stream the latest movies for free.


One of such apps is the Bee TV. The Bee TV is an android friendly app that allows you stream TV shows and movies online. With the Bee TV app on your device, popcorn and drinks, you can plunge yourself into that cinematic mood. With an endless list of movies, you can never get bored of Bee TV.. 

This app was birthed shortly after the death of the Terranium TV apk as a way to give viewers and movie lovers something to entertain them with. If you work 5-9 and barely have the time to sit and watch your favorite shows, download Bee TV on your phone and watch as many movies as you can. The only thing you would need is access to a stable internet.

It is important to note that some video contents are copyrighted / licensed. Hence, because you would be streaming these contents for free (which is an illegal practice) you could run into problems with the government of your country especially if your country is tough on internet crimes.

Because your IP address can be seen and your connection monitored. Hence, you could be caught downloading copyrighted movies for free. However, before you panic and decide to not go through with downloading this app, there is a way to stream movies and TV shows on this app without getting into legal troubles.

All you need to do is channel the help of a VPN service like Express VPN. This would keep anyone from monitoring your online activities, giving you peace of mind. The Bee TV has amazing features which would be discussed below.

Features BeeTV APK app

  • Ads: A feature that’s common with free apps is the fact that they are usually infested with ads. This is probably because it is how the developers make money off the app. While it is common for ads to rudely pop up on your screen while you’re in the most intense part of your movie, this is not the case with Bee TV. Undoubtedly, there are ads in this app. However, the developers ensured that the ads do not interfere with your movie. The ads are on the app but not in a way that pisses you off.
  • Updated: One of your best bets to staying updated with the movie world if you’re living on a budget is the Bee TV. It grants you access to watch past, present and fresh out of the cinema movies. What’s more interesting is that if you miss any show, you can always watch it at your convenience as it is not a do or die affair. It is a great movie companion as once you have access to the internet, you can get started on movies of your choice.
  • Organization: Since there is a vast amount of movies on the app, you can easily access then as a result of the categorization. The movies are categorized according to TV shows, Movies and HD releases. More so, you can search for the movie you want to watch. So, to save yourself the stress of having to go through the categories and, probably get distracted by another movie in the process, you could do a quick search for your desired movie and get down to watching it instantly.
  • Compatibility: Bee TV is quite compatible with android devices. However, devices are not the only gadgets you can watch Bee TV with. To quench your curiosity thirst, Bee TV is designed to work with fire stick, Android TV, FireTV and Nvidia Shield. Now that you know, have fun using Bee TV.
  • Speed: This is another mind blowing feature of the Bee TV. It is quite possible that while you watch movies, I could launch into buffering mode and this could be frustrating. However, Bee TV has ensured that whenever you watch movies, you never experience buffering as their server is strong enough to enable you enjoy your movie without it pausing for a long period of time. They understand that buffering could purge you of the movie interest. Hence, their server is fast so that you can enjoy your movie maximally.

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Download BeeTV APK 2.3.8

Download BeeTV APK 2.3.7

Because Bee TV is somewhat illegal, you can’t find it on google play. You can only get this app via links on a lot of websites that offer various versions of the app. It is important to note that the developers invest a lot of time and resources into ensuring that updated versions of their created apps are available. You can gain access to updated versions the same way you downloaded the app. Here is how to download the Bee TV app.

How to Download BeeTV APK app

  • Steps One: Download it off any website and scan for virus.
  • Step Two: Locate the downloaded file on your device, tap on it and wait for it to initiate the installation process. Once it does this, it would ask if you want to install the app. Ensure you have enough space on your phone before deciding to install it or else, your device might start to freeze.
  • Step Three: Launch the app on your device. You do not need any log in credentials to be able to access movies on the app. Just tap to open the app and you are good like you know.

It is always a good idea to watch movies and chill. Bee TV is a great budget software that entertains users the way Netflix and other subscription based movie software does but for free.