ROM Manager Premium APK | ROM Manager Premium License 2020

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ROM Manager Premium APK | ROM Manager Premium License 2020

One of the major reasons smartphone users love the Android OS, is how much fluidity it allows, and developers never fail to take advantage of the fact that it is an open source, to keep making something better of it.

Custom ROMs are one of the ways this luxurious feature have come in handy, allowing users to change the appearance and behavior of their devices. There are many ways to install a custom ROM, but one of the easiest –and safest- ways to do it is with the ROM Manager app.

For those who aren’t all that geeky, let’s take it slowly and from the beginning. Remember how Android devices behave differently based on their manufacturers even though they are all the same Android OS?

Well that because of what is known as firmware, which the manufacturer has installed to control how different devices appears and behaves. While this is favorable to the manufacturer, some users would rather have full control of how their devices appears and behaves –well everyone does.

Download ROM Manager Premium APK | ROM Manager Premium App APK

Download ROM Manager Premium APK

The downside to this is that it in invalidates the manufacturer’s warranty and is probably not the best idea for devices still within the warranty period. Please note, that it is best to avoid using the app except if you’re sure of what you’re doing.

Although the ROM manager app has two versions, the free version and the premium version, this article is focused on the Premium version. Generally, the app avails users, different ROMs to download and install, or even install previously downloaded ROMs from their SD cards while allowing users to reboot into recovery mode.

The app also allows users get different ROM updates frequently, manage and restore backups.

However, the premium version gives users the access to premium ROMs, and notifies them whenever an update becomes available for their current ROMs.

It also helps the users save data by downloaded updates in zip file formats and afterwards install it offline. That’s not all, unlike the ordinary version, the premium backs up the user’s files automatically and they can even be transferred as zips to one’s computer and other desktop devices so they don’t get lost.

The app is developed by ClockworldMod and is available on the Google Play store, and the premium goes for about $5, though there are free versions on the internet which I would not exactly advise readers to make use of.

The app is less than 4MB, quite storage friendly and the user interface is pretty dope. So far, it has had over ten million downloads on the play store and still counting, with a review of 4.2, which is a true revelation of how cool the app is.

To sum it up, all Android users who are seeking the best ways to flash a custom ROM can trust this app to easily satisfy all of their needs and more. It is quite easy to use and safe, and the premium version has done well enough to potentiate these features. The ROMs available on this app are also quite cool, to show off to friends and enhance device operability.