InstaULTRA APK Download Latest Version Free 2020

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InstaULTRA APK Download Latest Version Free

If you are familiar with social media mods, then, you should know that mod versions of popular social media platform (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc.) often possess more features than the official or standard versions.From WhatsApp mods to Instagram Mods, the difference is always in the features.


The developers take pride in leveraging on the weaknesses of these apps to create something magnificent just like instaultra apk. First, there was GBinsta that blessed Instagram mod lovers with cool features that the official Instagram lacked. However, the team stopped updating the app, thus, people lost interest gradually.

Most sources allude to copyright issues as the reason the GBinsta team discontinued the app. Nevertheless, an amazing alternative is back to blow away your mind (as long as you love social media mod versions).

It is normal for people to want more out of an app after a while. Hence, the need for developers to always update the apps they put out there for people to use. This keeps people engaged as it helps feed their creativity.

It is important to note that as with other mod apps, you cannot get this app on Google play store. In other words, it is not found there. While downloading this app from an unknown source could mean you risk exposing your device to virus, the seemingly greater danger is that you have no clue who has access to your data.

In case you are really curious as to whom the developer is, his name is Sommer Damous and he has put quite an impressive work into this mod. Although it is open to updates and innovations as time goes on, the app is quite impressive.

This is because this app opens you to unexpected features that you never thought you could enjoy as an Instagram user.


Features of INSTAULTRA

Here are some of the features:

  • Download Videos and Pictures: If you are the type that likes preserving data when you explore Instagram (in other words, you avoid watching videos on Instagram because that luxury is somewhat expensive) Instaultra would definitely come in handy for you. With this app, you can download videos and pictures you like on Instagram. Thus, rather than watch funny videos or a video chronicling the experience of Kylie Jenner at the playground with Stormi or Katy Petty being goofy on camera live, you could download your desired video on your mobile device and watch it later. This is cost effective as you can watch these videos a lot of times without worrying about your data being drained. More so, rather than download another app specially for downloading Instagram pictures and videos, you can save space with instaultra.
  • Download Instagram stories: In addition to being able to download videos and images off Instagram, you can also download Instagram stories of your friends or strangers. For social media marketers, if you find a person’s Instagram stories quite interesting and believe you can learn a thing or two from it, you could download their stories with the aid of instaultra.
  • Ghost Mode: For people who want to be online but unseen, instaultra can absolutely help you maintain a low profile on the social media. Specifically, you can view people’s status on Instagram without them knowing that you did. This feature helps you hide yourself from a person’s status that you viewed. Thus, no one would know you viewed their status.
  • Customization: Ever imagined what Instagram would look like when you apply themes? Oh well, this app gives you the experience firsthand. You can apply any theme of your choice and change it anytime you want to. More so, you can customize the user interface from the stories tab to the feed.
  • Downloaded with one click: This app allows you download an entire album on Instagram with one click. It saves you the stress of having to swipe through the album you wish to download to download it one by one. With one tap, instaultra downloads the entire album for you regardless of how many pictures are in the album. All you just have to worry about is the data to download it.
  • Copy Bio: As an instaultra user, you can copy the bio on IG that you like and post it anywhere from LinkedIn to word document etc depending on what you need it for. You could adapt it to design a bio for yourself or your business.
  • Download from Private account: On the Instagram official app, as long as an individual has a private account and is not following you, it is quite impossible to view or download their pictures or videos. However, InstaUltra entirely shatters this wall with this feature. It allows you view the pictures and videos of a private account that you are not following and further allows you download it. If you run a blog, this would absolutely come in handy for you. While trying to cover a story on an individual whose Instagram presence is private, you can access their pictures and videos on IG via instaultra

Download Instaultra

Download INSTAULTRADownload now!!


Although, like other mod apps, instaultra can’t b downloaded off google plays store and the developers do not have a website that you can download it from, you can download instaultra by searching for it on google and going through the links provided by google. Once you have downloaded it and have scanned it suxxessfully, follow the steps below to install it.

  • Step One: Go to your file manager and locate the downloaded file on your file manager.

  • Step Two: Once found, tap on the app to initiate the installation process. You would have to agree with the terms and conditions of the app. Take time out to read through before proceeding to install it. If you feel you can handle their terms and conditions, proceed to install the app. If not, you shouldn’t.

  • Step Three: If you decided to still go on with downloading the app, wait for a the installation process to be complete. Then, launch the app. Log in and start using instaultra.

In Summary, the Instaultra app is a really great app as, clearly, the developers invested time and money into creating the app. So, have fun and enjoy your app