YouTube Music Premium APK 3.23.52 Download YouTube Music Mod Latest Version 2020

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YouTube Music Premium APK 3.23.52 Download YouTube Music Mod Latest Version 2020

The streaming music industry is currently booming. This, however, presents some challenges – a little complication.

YouTube is constantly coming up with innovative solutions in the entertainment industry. Now with it brings a premium music service called YouTube Music Premium.

YouTube Premium formerly known as YouTube Red, is a paid streaming subscription service that provides advertising-free streaming of all videos hosted by YouTube, exclusive original content produced in collaboration with the site’s creators, access to audio-only versions of videos on the YouTube Music app, as well as offline playback and background playback of videos on mobile devices. The service was unique.


YouTube Music is an app for iOS and Android that focused on the music-related content on the video streaming service. In a nutshell, what’s changing is the added focus of audio-only music, and the two tiers of subscriptions.

The service was first unveiled in November 2014 as Music Key, serving as a collaboration between YouTube and Google Play Music, meant to succeed the former’s own subscription service.

Music Key offered ad-free playback of music videos from participating labels hosted on YouTube, as well as background and offline playback of music videos on mobile devices from within the YouTube app. The service also included access to Google Play Music All Access, which provides ad-free audio streaming of a library of music.

YouTube also included that the Music service’s search engine will grant you access to find songs whose names you don’t know. Examples includes searching with a description — typing “that hipster song with the whistling” sends users to Peter Bjorn And John’s “Young Folks.” Searching by lyric, such as typing in “lf i were a boy,” brings you to the song by Beyoncé ft R.Kelly.” Much like the current Google Play Music app (more on that below). YouTube Music will suggest music to you based on where you are and the time of day. Ostensibly, which means I’ll get tunes that allow for focus during the workday, and fast-tempo jams if you go to the gym.

What is the YouTube Music Premium about?

The YouTube Music Premium subscription allows users to listen music and watch videos on YouTube without advertisements display across the website or its mobile apps. You will have fun with the dedicated YouTube Gaming, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids apps.

Through the app, users are allowed to save music/videos to their device for offline viewing, play their audio in the background, and in picture-in-picture mode on Android Oreo and newer.

The app also offers original content that is exclusive to subscribers, which is created and published by YouTube’s largest creators. The service also offers ad-free music streaming through the YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music services.

On May 17, 2018, YouTube announced the upcoming rebranding of the service as YouTube Premium, which officially took effect on June 18, the same year. The rebranding came alongside the re-launch of YouTube Music, with a separate subscription service focused solely on music “that, as before, is bundled with the larger YouTube Premium service, and also offered to Google Play Music subscribers”.

YouTube also announced that the price of the service would increase from US$9.99 to US$11.99 per-month for new subscribers; the existing pricing, as well as bundling of YouTube Premium benefits with Google Play Music subscriptions, is grandfathered for those who subscribed prior to the rebranding.

Alongside the rebranding, the services also expanded into Canada, and 11 European countries (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Finland, and Russia), with more expansion to come in the future. By July 2019, the services were available in at least 60 countries and territories.

Similarly, a large amount of content licensed by Japanese record labels became unavailable in regions where YouTube Red is available. It was believed that the ability

to download videos for offline viewing in YouTube Red was a subject of hesitation for Japanese media companies due to the need to monitor when, where, and how content is being used in accordance with Japanese copyright laws , hence their content was blocked under the new requirements.

Following the unveiling of YouTube Red, it was stated that these same contractual requirements would now apply to all YouTube Partner Program members; partners who do not abide with the new terms and revenue sharing agreements related to the YouTube Red service will have their videos blocked entirely in regions where YouTube Red is available.


With the YouTube Music Premium, users have lot of exciting entertaining packages to uncover. So much this service offers. Enjoy the music streaming experience, and other goodies.