AZWhatsApp APK 10.40 Download Latest Version in {2020} Free

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AZWhatsApp APK 10.40 Download Latest Version in {2020} Free

The AZ WhatsApp APK is an unofficial mod version of WhatsApp. It was developed by Ali Al Zaabi ( the same developer mods for WhatsApp like AZ WhatsApp 2 and AZ WhatsApp+).

This mod for WhatsApp is also a member to the FM WhatsApp, Whatsapp Plus, GB WhatsApp and other categories.

If you don’t know yet, end-to-encryption is the major foundation of the WhatsApp application. This allows your conversations remain confidential and private – you don’t have to bother if your content will leak out. WhatsApp is well know for this, securing your privacy.

This innovation that comes with AZ WhatsApp allows users use three-in-one WhatsApp. How is this possible? Simple. With this app, one can use AZWhatsApp, AZWhatsApp 2 and WhatsApp, all in one single app.

This WhatsApp mod is very exciting. The features will serve you well. Its developer took time in creating different versions. Versions mostly used on Android apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Here comes another one, the AZWhatsApp delight.

The cool app is a version of WhatsApp developed to add more features and options to the official WhatsApp.

One of the exciting features this application offers users is instant messaging, swift for talking and sending files to their contacts. Also, some users desire to use other types of application, not minding the safety and breach of some rules. AZ WhatsApp is safe for you.

With AZ WhatsApp, you can easily translate your conversations. Read more to know the features and benefits of this innovative application.

Main Features of AZWhatsApp

The AZ WhatsApp comes with lots of exciting options. The interface is cool, it comes with varieties of tones.

Here are the features and benefits of AZWhatsApp:

  • – It has a server where you can always download new themes. Suit yourself while choosing from lots of available beautiful themes.
  • – AZ WhatsApp allows users schedule messages. One can also hold hidden conversations.
  • – You get the capacity to send videos with a size up to 50 MB, not the regular 16 MB.
  • – It allows you to download user stories.
  • – You get wallpapers matching the colours of the interface.
  • – AZWhatsApp comes with a translator. There over up to 15 languages that comes with this app.
  • – It expands your status characters to 250, instead of 139.
  • – It offers you varieties bubble styles and blue check. Just make your choice.

Other Functions and Benefits of AZ WhatsApp

  • – AZWhatsApp gives you better privacy. With this app, every private function is at your disposal. You can set typing status, recording status, and double ticks. Your absolute privacy is guaranteed with this version of app.
  • – Allows you activate the “do not disturb” mode. Anytime you desire to have your peace from messaging, this mode let’s you off the internet connection of the application.
  • – Enjoy over 30 fonts for your conversations. New once are always on update.
  • – Are you a theme freak? You will love AZWhatsApp! Choose from thousands (over 3000) themes that you can fine on the app’s theme library.
  • – The app secures your chats. This is done by you having to set password for some specific chats. No one will have access into your conversations.
  • – It comes with app locker. For better usage and more safety of your conversations, you can always set a password for AZWhatsApp.
  • – There are so many things you can customize with using AZWhatsApp. Easily customize your background, app icon, status bar, and navigation bar.

What are the Requirements for AZWhatsApp?

Make sure you have the following befoe using this application on your mobile device…

  1. – The minimum operating system requirement is Android 2.3.3.
  2. – In order to install AZWhatsApp using the APK file, you need to activate the option tagged “unknown source”. Just go to settings, then application to fix this.

How to Download and Install AZWhatsApp


Unfortunately, you won’t find this app on the Google Play store. You need to get the APK file from a third party website to download.

After downloading it, follow these steps to download and install it:

  • – Open mobile settings. Enable “unknown source”.
  • – Download the APK file online.
  • – Now select this APK file from device storage. Install it. This will take a minutes or two.
  • – When it installs, next is to input your phone number for verification. After this, enjoy using this interesting app.

In conclusion

AZ WhatsApp gives you a more interesting experience when using WhatsApp to communicate with family, friends, or business partners. Considering the exciting features you wi be getting, this is a good deal for you.

Have fun with AZWhatsApp!