GBWhatsApp Plus APK 8.07 Download 8.25 Latest Version in {2020}

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GBWhatsApp Plus APK 8.07 Download 8.25 Latest Version in {2020}

You might have been told that installing GBWhatsapp Plus is just a waste of time or might have been made to believe that it won’t work; this article is going to prove the popular belief wrong and also show you the latest way to get GBWhatsapp working again on your device.

What is GBWhatsApp Plus?

GBWhatsApp Plus

Okay! So you must think that GB Whatsapp plus means “more potential unlocked” because of the innocent “plus” sitting pretty in front of it right? Well, sorry to disappoint you but that’s very false!

This is a modified version of the official WhatsApp developed and offered by Atnfas Hoak. This incredible app possess all the exciting features the official WhatsApp has and also got some interesting features.

GB Whatsapp plus doesn’t mean it has more features than the GB WhatsApp Plus . It just means that, since GB Whatsapp is specifically under the radar of the standard Whatsapp which has led to the banning of some account, GB Whatsapp plus was created by the same producers of GB Whatsapp to prevent your account from being band.

In case what I said above is quite confusing, let me restate it in clearer terms. With GB Whatsapp plus, you do not have to worry about being banned at least till Whatsapp finds out about this new amazing app.

Basically, it shares similar features with GB Whatsapp. Only that the anti ban features makes the difference. As a mod version produced by the same developer of GB whatsapp, Atnfas Hoak aka Omar, you have to delete the original Whatsapp to be able to successfully install this new mod.

Unlike GB whatsapp that allows you to keep the standard Whatsapp version. More so, you can only use one account with this app. However, if you want to manage two accounts, you can achieve this by operating the GB Whatsapp along with the GB Whatsapp plus on your phone. Here are some of the features of the GB Whatsapp plus.

Note : for you to install GBWhatsApp Plus, there is every need for you to delete the official WhatsApp first.

App Name WhatsApp Plus
Version 7.00
App Size 28.9 Mb
Last Updated 2020 
Android Version Required Android 4.0+
Package Name com.WhatsApp2Plus
Main Task Whatsapp Features + Some extra hidden features.

Features GB Whatsapp plus.

GBWhatsApp Plus



this feature is quite amazing as it allows users to customize their Whatsapp to look the way they want it to with the help of themes. For instance, if you want to have the basketball court feel or the sponge bobs feel, all you need to do is download the theme and apply it to your account.

If you can’t find any theme you want or that fascinates you, go on to create yours. Interestingly, you can share it with the developer so it becomes part of the downloadable themes. This is amazing because it gives you room to be creative.

Anti delete:

With the way Whatsapp allows people delete messages they sent to you after a short while, curiosity is heightened and several questions pop up like: what did this person delete? Why did they delete it? Etc however, with GB Whatsapp, your curiosity is fed. You get to see every deleted messages in 3D (the 3D part is clearly an exaggeration lol).


The developers of this mod version of Whatsapp seem to be obsessed with privacy. This is because in this version, you can take a lot of measures to be online on Whatsapp, yet be a ghost. You can turn off the blue tick so nobody can tell whether or not you’ve seen their message. You can turn off your online status so your contacts think you are offline even when you are online, you can also turn off your last seen status too. More so, no one would see it coming when you reply to their status, neither would they know if you viewed their status or not. Literally, GB whatsapp hides you in plain sight


Every time specific people are online, GB Whatsapp plus notifies you instantly. This is great to keep track of debtors (Lol). If anyone is owing you, they can’t escape you online as you get notified every time they come online.

Hidden Chats:

Sometimes, people pick up your phone and, unconsciously, go through your chats. In the process, they see what they are not supposed to. Well, prevent this from happening with this feature. It allows you to hide your chats and with a pattern lock. So unless the person snooping around your private space knows the lock to the chats, they might find it but won’t be able to access it. cool right?


This is short for “do not disturb”. Once you put your Whatsapp on this mood, it means you are having a “me” time on your phone such as reading a book or playing a game or even screen recording and you do not want to be disturbed. Hence, what this does is that it prevents messages from coming in so you don’t get distracted all through your exercise.


GBWhatsapp seems to be really huge on helping you maintain your privacy. With this feature, they allow you lock your app in general. This way, no one sees your chats and/ or hidden chats. Your secrets are truly safe.

Permissions List

Kill Background Tasks
Internet Access
Access Device Location
Access WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
Get Accounts
Read Contacts
Modify Audio Settings
Record Audio
Send SMS
Write Contacts
Write External Storage
Use Maps Services


  • The anti ban feature eliminates the risk of being banned from whatsapp
  • With the DND feature, you can worry less about Whatsapp being a distraction.
  • Nobody can prevent you from seeing any message by deleting it. With anti delete, view any message you want to see.
  • Protect your chats and secret chats from those who snoop.


  • You can’t be certain what this mod version’s team does with your private data. Hence, while they protect your secret from those you relate with, it might not be really safe with them.

Download GBWhatsApp Plus APK 8.06 Latest version

GBWhatsApp Plus

DOWNLOAD GBWhatsApp Plus 8.25 DOWNLOAD GBWhatsApp Plus 8.07
DOWNLOAD GBWhatsApp Plus 8.06.APK here (32. 55MB)


DOWNLOAD Master-WhatsApp-Plus v8.00 here (47.35MB)
DOWNLOAD GBWhatsApp Plus 8.05

How to Install GBWhatsapp

  • Step 1: Back up your chats on the original Whatsapp before proceeding to uninstall it
  • Step 2: Search for the keyword and download the app. Before installing, scan the app for virus. Also, on your mobile device, enable the unknown sources security measures.
  • Step 3: Tap on the “copy Whatsapp data” button and proceed to login with your details.
  • Step 4: Here, you would be asked to restore your Whatsapp data. Unless you don’t want your data back, ignore this step and proceed to exploring this app. If not, allow the app to restore your data. It might take a lot of time but, it is just a process, it would be over eventually.


How to move WhatsApp data to GBWhatsApp Plus

  1. This are some of the steps that you should follow if there is need for you to make GBWhatsApp Plus as your primary WhatsApp messaging app.
  • On your installed WhatsApp on your android device, then click on the 3 dotted lines on the picture below, then click on your menu button.
  • The second move to make is to click on settings as shown on the picture below.
  • Now you have to backup all your chats you have ever had on that account by clicking on chat backup.
  • That’s all, just install GBWhatsApp Plus, input and verify your phone number and it will ask or give you an option to recover your data.
  • Fag

    What is the image transfer limit?

    GBWhatsApp Plus will permit you to send over 90 images as a single file at once. You can repeat this process over and over again.

    Number of members that can be added to a broadcast list?
    There is every possibility for you to add over 600 members instantly. Not enough for your need? Then create another broadcast list to make it 1200.

    What’s the limit of words in status?

    A maximum of 250 characters are allowed to be updated on a status. The official WhatsApp won’t give you this privilege.

    Is GBWhatsApp Plus safe? Absolutely safe most especially with this latest version we now have.

    Is GBWhatsApp Plus better compared to official WhatsApp? GBWhatsApp Plus gives you a total freedom to customize your theme and other features that official WhatsApp won’t allow you to do.

    Does GBWhatsApp Plus support IOS device? For now no, iPhone users won’t get any support with this app as it is made for android users.

    Why should I uninstall official WhatsApp?
    For this app to work you will have to uninstall the official WhatsApp for the time being. Then you can now install the official WhatsApp only later.

    If you needed further information and discussion about GBWhatsApp Plus then you should comment below let’s have a discussion together.

    In conclusion, this app is no doubt loaded with cool features that keep you in awe. However, it is illegal. If you are a risk taker, jump on the train, If not, stick to using the standard Whatsapp.