UKTVNow APK Download For Android | Latest UKTVNow Pro APK AdFree (2020

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UKTVNow APK Download For Android | Latest UKTVNow Pro APK AdFree (2020)

UKTVNow Mobile TV is everyone’s dream, whether you are a sports fan, a news addict or someone who just can’t afford to miss a single episode their favorite shows.

While some incorporations have used of this opportunity to stack loads of cash, many others are working hard to see that this is made available to everyone for free.

One of the few apps that have been so far successful on this course is UKTVNow which allows its users stream over a thousand channels from around the world, for free.

UKTVNow is live streaming application made for users –not only in the UK, though that is how it originated- but also from the rest of the world, available on the Android platform.

It has not been around for too long, it came on sometime around 2015, but it fast becoming a fan favorite among millions of smartphone users around the world. Not limited to mobile devices, the app is also available on Android TV and even Amazon Fire Stick to provide in-home entertainment for users who would rather not share a Netflix password.

In specific, the app is easy to use with a friendly user interface that allows users to connect to many channels in countries within and outside of Europe.

It is also quite easy to navigate, allowing users to find channels based on countries or types of programs such as movies, sports, news etc. The streaming feature is also superb allowing users to simply download the app and watch shows without having to sign up or subscribe to the app which is the case in most other similar apps.

Even more, its content; channels as well as shows and series are updated on a daily basis. Consequently, the app is not available on the Google Play store, due to the Google Play policy, though it is available on many sites on the internet where apk files can be downloaded, although from an ‘unknown source’ in android terms. The developers of the app used to have a website for it, the though it has been down for a long time now.

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It also had a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook where it announced it updates and shared links to its website for users who wish to download, but even that stopped since 2017. Due to this, there’s the risk of users’ devices being infected by malware if one downloads it from the wrong site.

Regarding its size, the app is light, about 27MB, requiring just a little more in storage space. In conclusion, the UKTVNow is probably one of the best free live streaming apps there are out there.

Thanks to its simple user interface and hitch-free streaming feature, its popularity is fast growing among internet users worldwide.

Though for close to a year now there hasn’t been a new update and its website, Twitter and Facebook accounts have also been dormant causing multiple counterfeit versions to spring up. But despite that, the UKTVNow app is the app of choice for users who just want an easy to use app to stream all their favorite shows.