Netflix MOD APK 7.38.0 Premium Download Latest Version Free 2020

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Netflix MOD APK 7.36.2 Premium Download Latest Version Free 2019

The phrase “Netflix and chill” is so easy to come by these days as people thrown throw around from left to right. Friends want to Netflix and chill, lovers want to “Netflix and chill” and on a cold night as they get cozy and lost in each other’s embrace.

However, “Netflixing and chilling” actually comes at a subscription price that grants you access to the movies on the app. Although, you can stream movies on Netflix for free but that’s exclusive to first time customers on the app and this is only valid for 30 days.

After the period of 30 days elapse, you would only be able to watch movies on Netflix as a premium user.

In other words, you have to subscribe to watch. Now, what do you do when your 30 day free trial has elapsed and you are broke, temporarily, and the weekend is already knocking and you need access to quality movies to give you that weekend spark? Have a boring weekend? Hell no! Well, here’s an idea.

How about you get data or Wi-Fi and download the Netflix mod? This is because the nodded version of Netflix is an exact duplicate of the standard version that grants you access to the same rights a premium user has on the app.

In simpler terms, you can stream all the movies on Netflix, like you are a premium user, for free.

Watch all your favorite movies and TV shows here for free with this app without having to worry about subscription. What’s more impressive is that, although, you watch for free, you wouldn’t be bothered by ads or commercials breaking you off in the middle of your movie.

More so, with this mod version, you do not need to register or create an account to gain access to all the movie and TV shows. Thus, you do not have to bother about anyone gaining access to your personal information.

Read on to discover more cool stuffs that you can do with this Netflix mod account.


Features of Netflix MOD APK

  • Flexibility: One fantastic thing about this app is that it allows your friends and family benefit from this blessing. In other words, you can share your account with those closest to you so they can also watch and/or catch up on their favourite movies and TV shows. Just as there is no limit to the amount of movies that you can watch via this Netflix mod, there is no limit in the amount of people that can stream movies from your account. Hence, this makes this Netflix mod flexible as it accommodates quite a lot of users on it at once.
  • Multiple Video Qualities: Depending on your choice and Wi-Fi speed, you can switch to any video resolution from 144p-720p to full HD 2k to 4k resolutions. Your ticket to which ever video quality you end up with is solely dependent on your Wi-Fi connection
  • Multiple Languages: The standard Netflix app allows you stream the movies featured on the platform in the language it was filmed in. For example, the Avengers: end game movie featured all the actors speaking and conversing in the English language. Hence, Netflix features the movie in English. However, in a bid to encourage inclusitivity, the Netflix mod introduces a new feature that allow individuals watch movies in their own language. So, whether you are white or black or mixed race or Asian etc and you can’t relate to the language a movie is made in, with this feature on Netflix mod, you can watch and understand movies done in languages you do not understand.
  • No Ads: Permit us to do the victory dance for a second as regards this feature (Lol). In a world where we are constantly being “harassed” by ads that pop up on our faces at the “wrongest” time, it doesn’t hurt to celebrate an app that lacks ads. This Netflix app allows you to watch your movie peacefully, feel every moment without these amazon moments ruined by ads.

Other features includes; you can download these movies so you can watch offline, you do not have to create an account to watch movies on this account. Hence, you do not have to worry about your data being disclosed etc.

Download the Netflix MOK APK


After seeing the amazing features of Netflix Mod apk, it is quite difficult to not already crave the app like a foodie would crave chocolate or any other type of food.

However, because the developer of Netflix mod do not have a specific website, loads of websites offer the Netflix mod up for download. Nevertheless, some of the apk versions offered by these sites might be infested with virus.

Hence, once you download it off any site, it is important that you scan the app for virus before giving it a resting place on your device. Follow the steps bellow to download and install the apk.

Step one: Download the app from any site. Ensure to scan before installing it.

Step two: After successfully downloading and scanning the app, proceed to your download folder. Once you fine the apk file, tap on it and wait for it to open.

Step three: Once it opens, tap on the install button and wait for it to finish installing itself on your device. Once this stage is completed, you can now open the app and watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

In conclusion, this app is cost effective as the only thing you probably would spend money on is WiFi. There is no need to be worried about when your subscription is going to expire etc. Just download and stream. Enjoy!