GBWhatsapp APK 8.25 Anti Ban Latest Version Download Free 2020 for Android and IOS /iPad

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GBWhatsapp APK 8.25 Anti Ban Latest Version Download Free 2020 for Android and IOS /iPad

When I think of GBwhatsapp what comes to mind is “unlock your potentials” (Lol). This is because the GBwhatsapp provides extra features that the official whatsapp doesn’t possess.

As a result, GBwhatsapp has been able to catch the attention of a lot of users who have fallen in love with the app and become die-hard fans.

For starters, this app allows you operate two different whatsapp account (No kidding!). So, you can have both your private and the account of a friend whose phone got missing but has to be active online for one reason or another.

For a third party variant, the GBwhatsapp seems to be quite successful and creative. This is all thanks to the advanced and amazing features that keep people glued to the app for as long as it exists.

Let’s examine the features that have made this app quite addictive for any individual across the globe.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is simply a third party application that guarantees users extra features that are not readily available on the main WhatsApp.

The developer of GBWhatsApp has been able to understand what users actually want and has gone ahead to incorporate this features in GBWhatsApp.

This is probably because whatsapp is not an  open source platform. By this, we mean that it is impossible to modify the app. However, GBwhatsapp is a modified version and it still exists

Features and Benefits of GBWhatsapp APK.

Custom Privacy Setting:

you can absolutely disintegrate into a ghost with this app. This is because it allows you maintain your privacy online, preventing anyone from stalking you.

With regards to this setting, you can hide and lock your chat, turn off your blue tick while online so nobody knows when you see or receive their messages, send messages to people and groups without them knowing because you can hide the “typing” status”, prevent specific contacts from calling you etc.

Most importantly, you can hide your online status with this amazing software. Basically, no one would know when you are online or offline except you send them a message. Welcome to the ghost world of whatsapp.


Another exciting feature of this software is that it grants you the ability to change and translate the language you operate the app with to your preferred language whether French, Spanish etc.

It supports up to 100 languages compared to whatsapp that supports 40+. So, if you do not understand the default language, English, you can still chat and participate in groups.

File size:

User of the standard version of whatsapp can witness to the fact that it is impossible to send an audio or video file that’s up to 50MB on whatsapp. However, this is one of the many wonders of GB whatsapp.

With GB whatsapp, you no longer have to trim your files so you can send them to anyone. Now, you can send any video file of 50MB and a 100MB audio file to a friend, spouse, parents or boss.


Take the control of the appearance of your whatsapp out of the hands of the standard whatsapp theme by exploring GB whatsapp.

This whatsapp mod software allows you to customize your whatsapp to depict your personality with various themes. All you need to do is choose the theme that appeals more to you and, then, apply it. It’s like Arianna Grande sings in 7 rings.

You see it, you like it and you apply. More so, if you ever get tired of the range of themes provided by the GB whatsapp theme, you can download or create your theme and share it with your whatsapp community.

Messaging and Editing:

Another super power GB whatsapp has is the ability to allow you send BC’s to over 600 people at once as opposed to 5-10 people on whatsapp. Also, it increased the amount of images you can send to people at once from 10 to 90 images (Awesome right?)


This feature is most beneficial to those who run business accounts. If you are not available while a client is trying to inquire about your services or purchase what you sell, this auto reply can help you politely take care of them.

It simply informs them of the operator’s absence and further implores them to check again within a specified frame of time.

This is better than keeping the client hanging and without a response till you are ready to reply. This could be a turn off.


With GB Whatsapp, you can set your account to always show that you’re online even when you are not.

Again, this feature mostly benefits individuals using it to run their business account.

Maintain a hoax 24/7 online status on whatsapp via this software to show your audience an organization that cares about consumer satisfaction. Most definitely, you don’t want your customers to think their service provider isn’t listening to them.

Benefits of using GBWhatsapp APK

Extra features: with GBWhatsapp APK fully installed on your device, performing some tasks becomes so easy and Steel less. With GBWhatsapp APK you can copy status to clipboard, you can be online 24/7 with out going offline. This is perfect if you are using your WhatsApp number for business. There are lots of extra emojis and finally you will get more privacy settings.

Security: if you ever care for security and privacy then consider downloading and installing GBWhatsapp APK because the developer has been able to incorporate some high level form of security to help guard and protect users information online.

Easy to use options: GP WhatsApp gives you various options to pick from and this option has made millions of users to consider GP WhatsApp a must have, this is because the official WhatsApp has limited options that restrict users in some aspects.

Dual accounts : GP WhatsApp is a perfect app that guarantees you two accounts. this days most phones comes along with double sim and its no bad thing if you decide to have all your numbers online; at least you can decide to have one number for business while the other one for your loved ones.
This Dual accounts feature has made users to download this app.

GBWHATSAPP Download link

DOWNLOAD GB WhatsApp8.25 APK HERE DOWNLOAD GB WhatsApp8.20 APK HERE Invalid download ID.

Download Latest GBWhatsapp APK for (IOS) iPhone Devices

GBWhatsapp for iPhone Devices is now available. Are you interested in installing this wonderful app on your device? If yes then you need to download this latest APK right now and start flexing all features and benefits GBWhatsapp is known for.

How to install GBWhatsapp APK on your (IOS) iPhone Devices

Here is a few steps to take so as to install GBWhatsapp right away on your IOS device:

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  • Follow the Download link we provided for the IOS version.
  • Install the APK after downloading by clicking on install.
  • Finally launch it and start enjoying.
Version Name 8.0 +++ upwards
App Size 54.6 MB
Requires Android Android 4.0+
App Name GBWhatsApp
Root Required? No
Main Task Based on WhatsApp With Extra Hidden Features


  • You can manage two different accounts on the same phone
  • You can customize the interface to suite your personality by downloading or creating various themes. Hence, it helps you be creative.
  • You can control your privacy easily. This allows you go from ghost mood (operate Whatsapp online but invisible to others) to making yourself look like you’re online when you are not.


  • You risk being banned. Whatsapp doesn’t support the use of third party apps like GB Whatsapp. As a result, you could be banned from using it.
  • There are no automatic updates. All you just need to do is look out for newer editions as they get released.

GBWhatsApp apk

How to install GBWhatsapp

Because it’s a third party app and it violates the rules and regulation of play store, you can’t find GB Whatsapp on the android market. However, you can get it off reliable websites.

Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Search for the keywords “Download GB Whatsapp” on google. A lot of links would pop up for sure but you can trust the first link you see.
  • Step 2: Allow your phone install apps from unknown sources by through your phone’s settings. Nevertheless, do not forget to scan the app after downloading it.
  • Step 3: Once you’ve downloaded it, scan and install.
  • Step 4: If you still want to retain your chats from your original Whatsapp account, it is easy. Once you install the app, do not open it instantly. Instead, open your original whatsapp account, go to settings and back up your chats and media. Once done, open the GB whatsapp and fill in your account details. You would have to verify your account.
  • Step 5: After this stage, it would ask you to restore chat history. When you click on that, it would definitely take a lot of time especially if you have lots of chats. Once restored, you can now enjoy your GB Whatsapp with your previous data intact.


Is GBWhatsapp APK safe to use on your android, IOS?
GBWhatsapp won’t harm or decrease the performance of your device hence it is safe.

Is GBWhatsapp Legal to use?
It is legal, no one will arrest you for making use of this incredible app.

How one can get the updated version of GBWhatsapp?
We here at APKSTRONG will always provide the updated version for you.

Is this app suitable for iPhone?
Yes, it is perfect for iPhone and you can easily install it on iPhone.

Does GBWhatsapp 2019 support the latest themes?
GBWhatsapp of course supports all the themes you can think of. And also contains its own latest themes.

Is there any need for a rooted device for this app?
You don’t have to root your phone just download the GBWhatsapp and start making using of it.

Is there any option to get the backup of your data from GBWhatsapp?
Yes, you can easily get the backup of your previous data if you want to re-install it to any other device.

Is there any privacy issue?
Not at all, this app is secure to use. There is no privacy issue, in fact, it protects your privacy.

Is there any need to update the APK file constantly?
No, not all the time. It solely depends on you.

Does GBWhatsapp charge any cost to download?
No, it is absolutely free there is no need to pay even a single penny to download it.

In conclusion, this software is quite amazing. However, it has it perks such as fear of being banned and you can’t really trust that your data is 100% safe. Nevertheless, it is a good app altogether and is worth giving it a shot if you are the risk taking type of person who wouldn’t mind a possible ban from whatsapp.

However, it should be noted that you don’t risk your account being banned from whatsapp for using this app. More so, whatsapp doesn’t support this app on their website as they clearly stated that they can’t validate the security practices of GBwhatsapp.