KrakenTV APK Download For Android | Descargar Kraken TV App Latest 2020

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In search of an app that lets you watch various TV channels without turning on your TV? Well, search no more! Kraken TV is here to take your TV watching experience to a whole different level.

With an android phone and access to a fast and stable network, you can watch TV stations around the world, anytime and anywhere. All you need do is download the Kraken TV app and start your seamless TV viewing experience.

Kraken TV is the ultra-smart creation of Roza Gorman Entertainment. It has a light file size of 10MB and it’s currently on version 2.0 which was rolled out in September 2019.

Features of KRAKEN TV

Easy to Use: Kraken TV has a unique friendly interface. With the Menu located at the left of its home page, users will find it easy searching for their preferred shows. Installation is also just as simple. After installing from the app store, head to your files and click on the apk to install.

If the app doesn’t open immediately after the installation, go to your home page. There you will find the app icon. Once you open it, you can begin surfing the app for your favorite TV programs.

Country by Country: This is another interesting feature of this app. You can see different stations from countries such as Spain, Venezuela, Uruguay, United States, Mexico and many others.

Free Access: As a user, you do not need to pay or register before you can start viewing. With Kraken TV, you can abandon your pay TV and still enjoy access to cool live TV, all in the palm of your hands.

External Support: To get more out of the Kraken TV experience, you can link to other apps such as VLC Media Player for android, Chromecast and Amazon Firestick.

Regular Updates: Kraken TV gets regular updates on stations and shows. There’s also an option to choose notifications on your front row shows. So no matter how busy you are, the odds on forgetting to watch them are limited to zero!

24-hour service: At some point in the day, businesses may close their front doors and head home. But Kraken TV is always alive and ready to keep you pleased and entertained. As long as your phone or computer is on, Kraken TV will be there.

Download KrakenTV APK For Android | KrakenTV App Download

Lets give you the link to Download KrakenTV APK For Android and on other devices. We are giving you a link to download, Using the link we are dropping for you just below, gives you access to download and install Download KrakenTV APK For Android.


That’s the link above and we believe it’s working perfectly?

KrakenTV Latest Version APK File Information

App Name KrakenTV APK
App Size 29.8MB
Latest Version v1.4.11
Android Version Android 4.0 and above
Developer KrakenTV
Last Updated
Total Downloads 5M+

Things You Should Know about KRAKEN TV

Being a live streaming app, it doesn’t work well without a super-fast internet connection. Anything short of that may make your experience a bit frustrating instead of fun. Do keep that in mind.

There seems to be a little Spanish bias in the selection of channels as most of the stations are from Spanish speaking countries. But there are amazing other channels which English speakers would love, such as Paranormal and HBO.

FINAL NOTE: Watching TV has never been more fun. You can keep up with your favorite shows anywhere you go; the kitchen, the backyard, the loo, in the bus. You name it. Kraken TV is all you need!